You’re not alone, everybody hates change

In this episode, I share a personal story of how I faced one of my fears and overcame it, and it helped me understand that change, however big or small, can be a great thing! Not one single person I ever speak to likes change.

People in general, like routines, they enjoy what they have, they relish in their accomplishments and fear change. However, facing your fear and embracing change will take you places you never thought possible.


are you one of those people that hate

change I know I am my name is Kay I'm a

tech minimalist

I'm here to help you organize your

digital life to make it easier now as I

said everybody hates change I know I

hate change to a certain degree you know

changing from the old Mac Johnny Mac

junkie everyone said do it do it and I

just didn't want to do it

I changed is amazing and I couldn't be

happier so we all do hates change

however the moment you make that change

literally the moment you make that

change you realize any kind of question

why didn't I do this before and I know

that's that that kind of sounds euphoric

in a way and it kind of is let me let me

go back actually I've got a story about

a road trip with a friend of my best

friend at the time Simon to Croatia we

drove up and down the coast and we got

to this place and it was a bridge you

know there's a lot of things going on on

the bridge a few people on at the edge

of the bridge and we couldn't figure out

what was going on after a moment we

realized it was actually a bungee jump

over this bridge we realized how high we

were it was unbelievable so we looked at

each other and said have either a bungee

jump like no have you know should we go

and do it oh my god I was [ __ ] scared I

was scared shitless anyway we stopped we

put on all our equipment we paid the guy

the money they were really really nice

actually it was my turn to go after

putting all this stuff on the house I

was waddling up to the edge of this

platform in the middle of this bridge

which was in the middle of nowhere over

water with ships sail ships going

underneath and I'm like I'm gonna hit

that sail ship regardless on my

how high is it so I think we counted

three times three or four times before I

jumped because I was scared I I couldn't

believe how scared I was

I know I mean I'm not scared of heights

but I just couldn't believe I'm putting

my life into this little bungee little I

mean it was quite thick anyway the

split-second literally less than a hair

of a second I actually let go all my

fears all my anxiety on everything just

disappear it completely disappeared

I can't explain it I just cannot explain

it so for me letting go of your fear

that split-second letting go of your

fear is an unbelievable moment and I

haven't yet done another bungee jump and

I don't know why I think I'm going to go

into another one at some point but

literally that split-second so we are

all scared of the unknown we are all

scared of change but the moment you make

that change you realize and you

understand that it's actually really

good for you to let go let go of all

these all these thoughts that you have

all these kind of yeah anxieties that

you have so I'm not saying we all live

in fear we of course we don't live in

fear but fear is there and you know

having that moment where you go okay you

know what let's just do this let's just

just let's just do it the moment you do

it it's it's an amazing feeling so how

does that equate to what I do and what

this channel and this podcast is all

about well the point is I get so many

people want to move over and want to

transform their technology their

computers and so on but a lot of the

times it takes them time and I

understand it takes some time to decide

is this the right I mean they kind of

know it's the right thing but shall we

do it now because I'm used to the old

way of doing things and I completely get

it as I said that bungee jump

changing make junkie from what it used

to be to what it I mean these things are

huge things it's my livelihood I need to

pay the rent you know so I understand

where that's coming from

but the moment you make the switch and

the that I mean the clients are coaching

clients and clients have had training

clients and my clients were the ones

that I've had and I've transformed them

they transformed the way they work not

them they actually say to me I'm so glad

I did it because things are just so much

easier so the point is get rid of that

fear understand where you want to be

point be and where you're coming from

point a and just make the jump anyway

that's the episode today hope you're

having a great day tomorrow is Friday so

I will see you and you will hear me

tomorrow as always keep it simple and

I'll see you next time I'll see you next

time I've even thought have a great day


Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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