We all want shiny new things, but do we really need them? If you step back and think about the things you need, you’ll realise it’s less than the things you want.


Not many people understand the difference between wanting and needing.

Whenever I work with my MacJunky clients, they realise that they need someone to help them with their Mac.

However, when I work with someone on the Tech Minimalism side, they tend to think that that's a luxury product and not a necessity product.

But once we start working together on their issue, they realise that actually, this is a necessity because "I'm losing so much time, I need to fix that".

For months, maybe even a couple of years, I always thought of Tech Minimalism being a luxury product because of the way people were thinking about it.

Once I realised and moved away from the idea that this is a necessity and not a luxury, then my marketing and my messaging completely changed.

I've realised that many people do that in their lives or their business. There are lots of things that they buy because they just want it. But they don't realise that they should be getting things that they need.

If you're constantly wanting something, you're losing focus on the things that you actually need to run your business well and run your business effectively.

It took me a long time to understand the difference. But now that I have, things are going swimmingly, and it gives me time to look at flamingos. I posted a tweet about flamingos earlier.

So I'm going to go and watch some flamingos.

Think about wanting and needing and just go for things that you need and not want.

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