There are times we won’t have the tools we need to finish a project. However, if we’re inventive with the things around us, we can.


If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I'm rebuilding one of my cars to go on a trip, but I'm rebuilding it because it's been sitting in the garage for such a long time and it hasn't been starting.

There were parts that I needed, and there were tools that I didn't have but one of the major issues was that it wasn't starting and needed a new fuel pump!

The thing is, it's in a garage in between two cars, and there's a pole in the way too! So doing anything on that car, the fact that it doesn't move, has been insanely difficult. But I managed it!

The reason I managed it is because I used the environment around me to be able to do it. I didn't have all the tools I should have had to be able to do it. Sometimes I had to leave it and go back to the other side of the Netherlands, where my garage is, to get specific tools.

The tool that I needed was space, and I didn't have it, but I was inventive with the things and environment around me to be able to do it.

So these people that go out and buy every tool under the sun because they think they need it, aren't always necessary because you probably have the tool already, and that tool is your brain.

Using your knowledge in running a business, using your Mac, and using the tools that you already have. You'll probably find that they will do what you need them to do.

So you don't have to get that shiny new thing. I managed by being inventive with the things around me, and being inventive is what you need, not another tool.

Anyway, here is the car starting for the first time, the first time! in, I think, about 10 years!

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