Kia Kamgar

Kia Kamgar

Technical Strategist & Coach

Helping entrepreneurs, businesses & professionals with technical issues & productivity workflows.

I'd love to learn the technical issues you're having and help where I can, so let's talk...

Founder of MacJunky & KMGR

Mac Productivity Workshop


The Mac Productivity Workshops are back, but this time they're even better!

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about doing a webinar, but found they were very impersonal.

Webinars are a one way thing, the speaker speaks, and the listener listens and tries to understand what's going on!

So I've been thinking of a way to make them more personal and with two way communication.

I've now figured out a way!

The Reviews

Kia Kamgar

Kia really know what he's talking about. The result of decades of experience with the Mac.

Judith Hendriks

Kia Kamgar

Kia showed me the enormous potential and possibilities if you use the full capacity of your Mac in combination with a couple of apps. Could be truly a blessing for lazy people. You let your machine do most of the boring work for you.

Joost Baardman

Kia Kamgar

An amazingly simple and clear workshop that confronted me with all the wrong habits I took with me from the past and are now real obstacles when it comes to being more productive.

René Kemmer

The Workshop

This will be a free 1-hour workshop via an online video call with only eight participants.

In the workshop we'll go through your 'pain points' and I'll show you my personal setup as well as show you some tools.

That way you can see if any of it fits within your workflow, or it might spark an idea to make things work better for you.

At the end I will take questions and give feedback on what might be the best system for you.

Seats are limited, so hurry, book your seat today!

See you there!


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