Getting clients is the easy part. Marketing, sales, and your brand are how they find you, and that’s great. But if your delivery falls short, you’ll fail.


As you know, I've been talking about my truck for a while. I'm going to be rebuilding it so I can go on my road trip towards the end of August. The problem is it's not road legal at the moment, and it's in Amsterdam, so I wanted to find a transport company that could take it to the east of Holland, where I'll be working on it.

I searched for a transport company and found one that was based in Amsterdam. Their website looked amazing. You could book online, you could call them, you could email them. So I booked online after doing some research. Everything was awesome. They said they were going to contact me within five days. Brilliant. The whole process was amazing. But I had issues.

After I booked, I got a receipt, and that was about it, and I only got the receipt after a few hours. I didn't get it straight away so I was a bit worried as I thought they'd stolen my money and I'm not going to get anything.

After like three or four days, I started emailing them asking if everything was okay, Did they get my order etc. Didn't hear anything back. I called them the following day. It was a voicemail. Nothing. I kept calling them over the next couple of days. All I kept getting was a voicemail.

Yesterday I contacted them again by phone, and someone actually did pick up. So I asked what was happening etc. and he said that the transport is being arranged for tomorrow (today).

Great I thought. He said I'd get a text message that evening to confirm and give a rough time. Okay brilliant. Tomorrow came, which is today. I didn't receive a text message. I was still waiting.

I slept in my clothes because I thought I was going to drive straight to Amsterdam. Absolutely nothing happened. So this morning I contacted them again, but nothing. So now I'm freaking out now because they've got my money and I need to get the car transported.

The whole process has been a real pain in the butt. Today I got a call saying someone's been trying to call me so I thought I'd call back. We booked an appointment for tomorrow morning.

The reason why I'm going through this whole story is because it seems their SEO and marketing game is on point but the back office, the running of the company, is an absolute shit show. Now I can't be the only one having this issue.

This got me thinking about people's workflows in their business because if you can't actually deliver on the work after all that great marketing and acquisition, you really have to level up your client-facing workflow!

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll know more.

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