Why are you always so busy?

How has your week been? Busy? Productive? You have an average of 8 hours a day, but in those hours, how many hours are actually focused on work?

So many people get distracted while they work, I find it impossible to believe they get any work done within that time. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way of shaving off 2, 3 4 hours off that so you can enjoy more of your life? What would you do if you could save 3 a day? Let me know below...


so how's he of week been busy productive

I actually don't like using a word busy

at all or even productivity now being

productive is something else but using

productivity tools to be able to make

you less busy I think is kind of count

counterintuitive I do things but I'm not

busy people should enjoy their lives

rather than being busy and then having

systems in place to actually fix their

busyness with productivity apps and

things like that

so let's put it this way you probably

work eight hours a day or nine hours a

day eight hours a day okay that's the

average you know nine to five how many

of those hours have been foiled by

notifications and distractions and phone

calls when you you know when you didn't

when you're focusing on something or all

of a sudden you get a phone call or a

tap on the shoulder if you're actually

working in a in an office environment

how many of those hours all those times

have created an hour or two or three

there haven't made you productive I get

a lot of I see a lot of posts and tweets

and videos about people you know wearing

headphones when they're in a open plan

office and so on it I just cannot deal

with the fact how they work and and what

they do now a lot of it has to do with

work environments obviously to have a

nice environment luckily I have a nice

office to work in that's which but a lot

of people don't but you know remote

workers for instance you know wear

headphones and go into a cafe or library

or something which is which is actually

great but the people who get distracted

all the time with their notifications on

their computer or their phone

and so on there must be a better way

right so out of the eight hours how many

of those hours were actually focused

work it's a question I'd like to know

put it down below because I'm just

amazed how you know with all the clients

that I work with and I've worked with a

lot of clients it's amazing how many

notifications they have I mean I'm

having a meeting with somebody they're

coming in for help I'm having a meeting

with them and all of a sudden they get a

call and then our meeting stops

I mean firstly that's rude you shouldn't

be doing that to anybody and I hate it

when it happens to me you shouldn't be

doing it to anybody so those kind of

distractions you need to fix it just

it's important that kind of a kind of

environment so yeah let me know below

how many hours you actually worked

actually focused and do you think you

can actually shave off a lot of hours I

believe you can work probably four or

five hours a day I don't think you need

to work anymore than that five is like

pushing it you know as I said before in

my previous videos there's a running

joke that I only worked three hours a

day which is kind of true to a certain

degree so do you want to work three

hours a day or four or five and have

those three other hours that's obviously

depending on whether you're traveling to

work on our because that's another two


so those three hours that you could save

it per a day what would you do with it

seriously what would you do with it you

do a lot with it I think anyway that's

the video for today have a great weekend

I'll see you next week and remember keep

it simple talk to you soon ciao

Hi, I'm Kia

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