What’s on my iPhone - March 2020

I was asked to do an episode on the apps I use on my iPhone and how it’s all set up, so here you go.


so today what i want to do is go through

and show you what's on my phone

now if you're a podcast listener this

might sound a bit weird but i'll explain

as much as i can

but there is a link in the show

description to go and actually watch


this video this episode um so as you


i like to do things really really simply

and i have taken screenshots of this

so people have been asking me um you

know it's all well and good showing me a

screenshot of nothing on your phone

there is nothing on my phone um we want

to know

what's actually on your phone can you go

through it so this is what this episode

is about

so as you know my front screen i have



on the page itself i have three items on

the dock on the far left i have

fantastical which is my

calendar of choice now the reason why i

chose this

and i've been using fantasticoff for

years actually on my mac on my ipad and

on my phone

but they recently went over to a

subscription model

now i hate paying for subscriptions


it helps me and the one feature that

really works for me is a proposal

feature that they have there's there's

lots of other features

new features that they have on it but

the proposal feature actually works out

really really nicely because i know i

have calendly

people go on to my website and actually

book things through my calendar but

a proposal features me sen being able to

send out a link

with proposal dates and times for

someone that i'm working with for

instance generally i don't send them to

people that i'm not working with because

they need to set up an appointment and i

and that's done through

candidly but if they're people that i'm

working with or clients that i know and


i generally use that and it works out

really really well

i'm not going to go through go into

most of these apps because there are

there is personal information in there

and if you need further information

about specific apps

let me know in the comments below or

send me an email

and i'll do what i can to reply to them

or even make a video about it

the middle one is my phone app

self-explanatory i'm not going to go

through that obviously

on the far right i and i only have three

so on the far right i have

um things three which is my task manager

of choice

now it does projects as well so if i'm


smaller projects i generally do

put it into a project in my uh

thanksgiving my task manager

anything personal um like

i don't know take my car in to

the garage or groceries or anything

and personal i basically put into here

if i've got a bigger project

i'll probably put into my project

management tool and i'm going to go

through that in a moment

um but generally if i'm working with a


but i don't need any feedback from the

client it's just things that i

need to do for a client i would do it in

things three if it's a project that i

need to collaborate with a few people or

a client

then i put it into base camp and i'm

going to get to that

in a moment so that's basically it for


front my first page my second page and

the only page

is basically everything else so i'm

going to go through them very quickly


not much here actually so messages

bottom left uh self-explanatory sms's

and so on and so forth

email i will go into that there's


nothing in here something i have i need

to obviously reply to here

nothing in flagged nothing in drafts

obviously things incensed nothing in

junk nothing in bin

a bunch of stuff in archive obviously

and domains i i'll go into that another

time but basically i like to keep

in box zero obviously i didn't with this

one but it came in late last night i


so i'm gonna deal with that this morning

but basically

i have nothing in my uh email inbox and


done a bunch of videos about that but

obviously if you need any information

put it put send me an email put it down

in the comments below

send me an email actually probably


notes now in notes um i

have i've been using notes from the

early days

of apple since using an apple

and uh i kind of keep it like kind of

like a wiki

there is there are times i just delete

notes because i haven't looked at them

and i don't need them

um for instance um what do i use notes

for so

or every day i'd make a video like this

so i will

actually i didn't do it for today i

should have done it for today so i have


um template like this

which i will copy and paste and then i

will basically

make um fill out the template as to

what i actually need to do and right at

the bottom i have the tasks i need to do

for each individual video now this looks

really complicated but actually

it's so simple i see people making

um massive task lists

putting in a task manager putting in a

project manager using trello

like really do you need do you actually

need to do that

so i just make a note so i'm just

looking at see if it's blown out

i just basically make a note and um i

have it with me

at all times so that's notes i'm not

going to get into it too

too much basecamp is my project

management of

choice now as i said in

if i'm doing projects um with a client

or i need to do collaboration with a

client or people

outside i will use base camp and not

things basecamp is is fantastic

especially if you're a coach if you're a

coach or a facilitator and you're

working with your

clients base camp is is amazing so again

any questions

let me know so let's go to the

into the folders and i'll work um


let's work top to bottom so

travel is literally my maps and

translate and where to stay trip advisor

airbnb park for night stuff like that

um again really simple if you notice i

only have

two rows and not the full three rows

because i think

it makes it look cleaner um doesn't

yeah it's just much simpler basically so

i'm not

inundated with loads of apps when i'm

looking into a folder

music self-explanatory all my music apps

photo apps all the photo apps that i

need that

i need to edit or whatever on the go

which is very rare but i

it's good to have them videos netflix

um dry bar actually drive by is really


it's really good it's uh just found it

recently it's actually an

app it's stand up comedy basically

and it's free it's it's really really


uh vimeo obviously and anything to do

with my

cameras and my drones and stuff like

that is all

in here tools again self-explanatory

stuff that i can't put into any anything

else but i do use you know things like

one password

my lights for my home authentic

authentication apps all my

web browsers i put in here

again you can see what's here just tools

and stuff

i have one called network a folder

called network

and i set up a lot of wi-fi systems for

my clients

uh business or otherwise and everything

i need

is basically in here health i need to


healthy and do workouts and stuff

i try to do them every day um yeah


shopping buy stuff that i don't need

it's all in here okay um apple so

anything to do with apple

um the first page is generally the ones

that i do use

like app store and settings and photos

and stuff and obviously my safari

um and um all the other apple apps

are all in here business all my business


um so stuff for that i use for my


if you see there's hardly anything in

here because you don't need that many

tools to run your business

i do have slack i tell people not to use

slack but i do have slack and that's


certain groups that i'm involved with

use slack

but the notifications for most of this

stuff is off and i'm going to go through

that at the end

so these are the only um business


apps that i'm actually using

finance again self-explanatory anything

to do with my bank and my finances and

paypal and stripe and stuff like that

um sorry my camera is going a bit

weird let me make that a little better

there you go

okay i might have to change that again

soon because the sun out here is crazy

um okay social again um

i'm not on that much social media

twitter linkedin is pretty much most of

the stuff that i use

um i watch feedly the next app i'm gonna

keep looking at the screen to see if

it's blown out or not

the next app is my gaming stuff sorry my


hey wolfie gaming stuff xbox makes a d

live stuff that i do online

um again it's very rare that i go into

those things

so what i want to show you is um

the notification so in my notifications

and i tell people to turn off all your

notifications you just

you don't need notifications so if you


you'll notice pretty much everything

other than


tools mainly business tools that i need

if someone's trying to contact me for

work they're generally on

so base camp is on day one to remind me


writing my journal fantastical that's my

calendar obviously

find my phone pretty obvious ground wire

is actually my

landline o2o number for my business so

it comes into there

um linkedin obviously i don't want to


messages i just want to see a badge or a

banner if someone's messaging me

messages sms's obviously or on park


you want to make sure that you want to

get out of your parking

in time telephone self-explanatory

slack with badges i don't have

notifications or anything i just look at

the phone and go oh there's something i

need to do

because i i set my slack for only


i don't even do everyone or yeah i don't

think you can say can you say that yeah

i've set up

so it's just um just uh mentioned

if you're mentioning me things three

which which is my task manager obviously

uh wi-fi now i use unifying at home and


need to make sure that things are


here so i just have badges

video ask is quite interesting um

i think i've done a video about this

before it's just it's a it's the little

thing that i have on my website that

people can contact me through

so that's interesting why is my secure

messaging with my client sorry let me

just turn this back

up oops wrong way um

so that's why xbox i just have badges

because sometimes my

friends need to contact me and zoom so

basically everything else

is off i you don't need a bunch of

um notifications just turn off

everything that you don't need

so that's basically my phone there's

nothing on it you really don't need to


that many things on your phone the less

you have the less headaches you have

and the less you are um

distracted with notifications and and so

on and so forth so

hopefully that's helped you out i'll

leave the episode there as i said if

you're a podcast listener

there is a link to this video in the

show notes

and if you are a video watcher there's a

link in the show notes

for going to listen to this on the

podcast which if you want to

anyway have a great day i'll see you

tomorrow and as always just like my


keep it simple see you tomorrow ciao


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