Want to stay hyper-focused?

Ever think that the app or service you’re using is not what you expected? Well, it’s because they are not ‘hyper-focused’ on what it is they’re trying to solve. So think about it, if you’re using an app or service that isn’t ‘focused’, then how will that affect you while you’re using it?


so have you ever used an app or a

service and then realized why is it so

complicated well that's the topic of

today's video I was using a service and

I found it I thought to myself you know

what it's got all of these functions in

it I think would be fantastic I can

probably get rid of some of my other

pieces of software and I've always find

I've always fall into this trap and I'm

sure other people do too

basically I'm always about hard borders

with my tools and services and apps and

stuff so if I'm using a to-do app I want

the app to be hyper focused on that

specific task so to do apt it does two

deuce my calendar app should only do

calendars my notes app should only do

notes if you have an app and I can name

a bunch of them that I've used over the

years and think I'm going to have one

app and I want everything in it the

problem comes down to that

app because it's not not focused or

hyper focused on a specific function or

a feature it doesn't do things too well

so you kind of end up with this mishmash

of data all over the place not knowing

where should I put you know my data what

I want to want to do but not only that

the app itself doesn't know what's going

on I'm not gonna name names god I want

to but I won't name names because it's

not fair because those apps are great

but I don't think they're focusing the

hyper focused like laser focused on

specific tasks so things like to do it

is a task app and it works fantastically

I just hope they're going to bring new

features and I just hope that they don't

over complicate things things 3 which is

also to do it

to do ab sorry is is actually

hyper-focused it's for the Mac and it

works fantastically but there's some

features that it doesn't have so there's

that there are like on the other sides

of the spectrum but my point is to find

an app a service that have features that

work for you and it's hyper focus for

that specific task in that task alone if

you have an app or a service that

there's so many things you'll find

you'll probably find there's a bunch of

bugs in it and I come across this all

the time but you'll find that it won't

do those specific things - well they'll

do it okay but they're not built for

that specific task at hand so they don't

actually do it too well so again hard

borders between your apps and tools is

just the best way of doing things so I'm

going through my system you should go

through your system as well to see what

you can get rid of what you can what

apps you have that you can think you you

you know I should get another one

because this isn't this got too many

features and I'm never going to use this

so I'd rather get an app that does this

thing and this thing well anyway that's

the video for today I hope you having a

great day I'll see you tomorrow yeah

tomorrow's Friday I'm looking at my

calendar I see you tomorrow have a great

day and keep it simple and remember if

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I guess anyway have a great day keep it

simple and I'll see you tomorrow ciao

bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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