Todoist: How to simplify your task list

In this video, I go through the simplest way how to use Todoist to run your business, projects and life chores. It doesn't have to be difficult to use your task list. If it is, you simply have don't the right workflow that works for you.


so today is actually amazing weather and

I wanted to do this video on my computer

to show you to do it but living in

Holland when the sun's out get out

because it's not going to last long and

today being Friday I thought why be

stuck in the office when it's beautiful

weather so what I want to show you today

is to do is to do it as I said before

it's the project management of my choice

and the reason for that is simplicity

how simple it is to actually use it get

started and keep using it there's a

plane hold on a second okay the plane is

gone so this is my home page on my phone

and todoist is the far right I have the

beta that's why the icon is black when

in fact the icons usually kind of red so

when I start it up I start up mine in

the today view now I know the birds are

going crazy I know you can set up

filters and different ways of having

your to do is to open up on a different

start page but I basically like working

from today I don't have that many tags

or anything and I'm gonna show you

what's going on so in my today view is

literally everything I have to do today

I try to have between seven and ten

tasks a day invited doest obviously I

have pipe drive which I do my sales

calls and stuff but on my todoist

I'd like to have no more than between

five and seven I have nothing in my

inbox I'd never look into next seven

days because the way I see to do it is

my personal assistant I will tell my

assistant to remind me to do something

and I want my assistant to tell me when

to do it and that effectively is that

today for you for me Blue is projects

that I'm doing for clients Orange is

just content ideas and things that I

need to do for YouTube using todoist is

the video that I'm doing now and

research is basically the things that I

find on the Internet

and I want to read and so on now yes I

know that instapaper exists I know

pocket exists and very certain people

use notion and stuff like that but you

know I use this app why not just put it

in here it's just a lot simpler for me I

have a as I said blue is business green

is private oranges research and content

and stuff like that the red is the video

and the temp is basically my template

for it for YouTube I know you can create

you can create links for templates and

so on but I prefer to do it this way

because I changed my template quite

often labels I only have one label

reoccurring that's it I don't need

labels for at office on my bike in the

bathroom I mean I understand the concept

of GTD but I think it makes it too

complicated why do you need to know that

the system that I use is today what do I

need to do today or what do I need to do

tomorrow if we look at seven days but

what do I need to do today I don't want

to be reminded all by the way you're in

your car do this no no stop it just stop

it just what you need to do today put it

into your today view and be done with it

so labels nothing filters again

sorry Wolfe is here saying hello filters

content ideas and research content ideas

is something they used to do is in fact

I'm gonna delete it because I don't need

that so let's go back to projects now

which project can I show you I'll show

you this one so I I've closed some of

these sections because there's private

information obviously I use twist doest

do a program called twist which works

insanely well with todoist

and I use it to communicate with my

clients and it's it's amazing so I give

them access to twist don't give them

access to my to-do list but every time a

task is done added whatever it puts it

into a conversation

in twists so the client can see what's

going on so they work really really well

together so this is how I set up so I

have a section of tasks section of admin

and I as I said I've closed off some of

these because it's a personal

information and bit that that's it now

when I'm working on a project I go to

the project again it helps me focus I

don't put anything into day view for a

project unless it's vital that I need to

do that specific task that day so for

the project so here

so when I do if I need to do a touch so

for instance if I need to transfer these

emails for instance I will say okay

let's do that today then when I'm in my

today view transfer emails and I know

who the client is because the project

name is the client so it gives me

flexibility I'm just going to get rid of

that gives me flexibility because I'm

only focusing on the things that I need

to do that day don't worry about the

things you need to do the next day or

whatever because the whole point is to

try to focus on your tasks at that

particular moment there's no reason

trying to cause yourself headaches there

are things that I need to do in fact

I've done them the reason why I left

them here is because I wanted to show

you so I've moved the sections around


I've moved section around on my website

so I'm going to do that I've updated the

video on the met John Key website I've

done that and yes I still haven't

watered the plants I should have done

that yesterday so going back to my

projects again private I'm not going to

go into business so business and private

is everything everything to do with my

business and everything to do with my

personal private life I put in

everything to do with my business here

now again there's not that much in here

maybe I should put

a ton of things in here but I just put

things in here that when I remember

something I just put it in

so again business is everything

pertaining to my business

whether it's to contact a client and I'm

not doing a project for and it's not a

sale so I don't put in my pipe pipedrive

let's go back so privates again

everything pertaining rota simplicity is

a project that I'm doing I'll be going

on a road trip with Wolfe and doing some

videos and stuff and that's that blazer

is my car that I'm going to go in

content ideas I've obviously showed you

research again I've already showed you

so it doesn't have to be complicated now

I've seen people use not just to do this

but other task management systems and

they have put tags here in filters there

and template this and maybe tomorrow and

oh my god what a headache I've see it

and it works for them don't get me wrong

I get it it works for them user system

that works for you but for me Jesus it's

so complicated just create something

that's simple that works for you I'm

showing you this now it may not it may

not work for you but this is the

simplest way I found to not have the

headaches of my daily day day to day

chores work chores life chores that's

all I wanted to show you how to use

todoist simply how to use your task

management system it doesn't have to be

to do it obviously simply don't get

bogged down by

putting a bunch of stuff in there that

you probably never do

focus on a particular task focus on the

day focus on the project when you're

working on that particular project don't

have a bunch of stuff moving into your

today view if you don't need to do it

that's basically all I need to say hope

this was helpful to you and again

go and find wolf anyway have a great day

it's a sunny day it's Friday like

subscribe and comment this is what

people say on YouTube so like and have a

great day and keep it simple taking a


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