The importance of being poor

The more we have, the more problems we have to deal with. This is true in all areas of our lives. Just because your technology is the newsiest, the one with the most features or has won awards, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

In today’s episode, I share a personal story, about how the experience helped me understand the importance of being poor, having nothing, and how it helped me realise that less is more.


so when I was young in my early teens my

brother and sister were younger than me

my father got sick and we had no money

at the time and he had to go to work for

to get money for work and electricity

and stuff and he obviously was sick and

he was laid up on the couch it was

winter and we couldn't wait to go to

school because there was heat and there

was food we were on welfare at the time

and when we came home he obviously was

still sick and we lived in I mean we had

an apartment but during this period we

actually lived in one room which is the

living room

we even slept there because it was so

cold we only had we didn't have

electricity or gas because we had no

money to pay for it we only had a gas

cylinder to heat from and to eat soup

and beans and we had some bread and that

was our life for two or three weeks I

think and it was insane it was horrible

and you wouldn't believe it but later on

in life but it got me thinking about you

don't need much to survive we're here

this was 40 odd years ago and we're here

now I'm here my brother and sister here

I guess so

you don't need as much as you think you

need to live to survive and to prosper

now I've created businesses and I've

lost money and I've won money I gained

the money and I've lost money and so on

and throughout my life it being an up

and down I think I've pretty much

enjoyed it obviously it's not fun being

down but again I'm still here I didn't

need much to live to survive and

generally you don't obviously this

channel is about tech and your

technology for work and stuff if you

think about the technology you think you

need it actually isn't that much

if you think about the technology or the

stuff that you have that you actually

don't need you will believe the amount

of crap that you grab it there be able

to throw away or donate or sell or

whatever and that's basically the whole

point of my reset recently I went

through the reset of everything I talked

about this yesterday but I've realized

that I don't need much in my life to

live you need friends and you nee family

and you need certain things but I'm

talking about stuff around my house now

I've got cables in downstairs in my

office that I've had for years and I've

never looked at it or touched it well I

just don't need it

why do I have it so basically going

round my whole life and getting rid of

stuff that I just don't need I did that

with my technology as I said and I found

that you know running my business I only

need less than a handful of tools you

don't need that much to live to survive

and to prosper to run your business to

run your life insanity I mean you just

don't need it you may have a story like

mine when you were young or maybe you

were fortunate enough to actually have

parents you had money that helped you to

get you things but the importance of

being poor is more a case of not I mean

we were poor don't don't get me wrong we

were poor but it what it's not the fact

that you want more money you just want

to do better to be better to have better

things but I've been there and I've

realized that the importance of being

poor taught me that I actually don't

need those things they actually don't

need all this stuff I've had money I've

got money and I've had money

and I've bought things I've had the car

I've had the house I've had all the

gadgets and I've come to a realization

in my life right now that forget the

fact that it hasn't made me happy Baba

actually there are things that have made

me happy but it hasn't made me it hasn't

made my life any more fulfilling than

what it should be what what I thought it

would be not necessary

so I'm resetting I'm getting rid of

pretty much 90% of everything I own

because I realize I don't need it I

haven't touched it I haven't looked at

it I went through this reset a while ago

with my clothes in my closet and I

realized I wanted a walk-in closet so I

got a walk-in closet I filled it up with

stuff that I have and I realized I only

used this this much stuff hanging

clothes for instance and I've got all

this room full of clothes that I just

don't need and I don't use so go around

figure out the things that you actually

do need need not want need and maybe get

rid of this stuff that you probably

don't would your technology definitely

get rid of this stuff that you're not

using anyway I'll leave it there have a

great day I'll see you tomorrow

tomorrow's Wednesday hump day again it's

weird saying that again importance of

being poor think about it have a good

day I'll see you tomorrow and as always

keep it simple see you then ciao bye-bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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