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Have you ever found something that was so in line with what you do, how you work & who you are and thought... wait, why didn't I know about this? Well, today I'm gonna show you an app that is so in line with who I am that I'm surprised that I didn't build it myself!

You can find it here...


so have you ever been in that situation

where you found a tool or something and

you thought to yourself wow why didn't I

know about this well I'm gonna show you

such a tool and I found this a couple of

days ago again because I've known about

it for a while but it wasn't as good as

it is now and I'm gonna show you

basically what it is so going over to my


this is Gmail as you know I use G Suite

for my foundation of my company

basically I two of my company because it

it just works it works in sync

everything everything is on my phone so

Gmail is my email of choice anyway this

is my Gmail it's clean there's nothing

on it there's no distraction as there's

no I can focus on the actual email of

which obviously there is none right now

but I can't believe how simple and clean

this is this is actually an extension

that was built by somebody who designed

the Gmail originally all the he designed

inbox by Gmail originally and he thought

Gmail was too cluttered so he wanted to

create something much karma so as you

can see there's nothing I mean I'm blown

away by this because of the simplicity

because I love simplicity let me see if

I can find the website this is the

website simply if I spell in a weird way

simplified by Gmail and it basically

gets rid of all the distractions that

that Gmail has without losing any

functionality of what it does what it's

supposed to do go to the website I'm

going to put a link down below go to the

website check it out install it I've

installed it it works really really good

this is this is the guy I was the lead

designer from 2008 to 2012

and co-founded goomar Google inbox so

then he created and obviously it's just

it's actually just under CSS he kind of

edits the CSF CSS within the Gmail app

there's no you in like logging into

Gmail or anything so go and check it out

you can use it for Chrome or Firefox if

you're using Gmail I've got to say you

have to use this because it I mean look

I mean this is my email you have

everything here obviously so if I go to

my all mail where's my all mail yeah of

course is my all mail everything is

there if I get rid of this this is the

this is the email basically so if I you

just going to this invoice this is the

email so everything you need all the key

commands and everything everything you

need is there you don't have to worry

about things missing etc so anyway

that's all I wanted to show you go and

check it out I think it's a fantastic

tool if you're into simplifying your

workflow and so on it's got so much

better that's all I wanted to show you

show with you today enjoy it keep it

simple and I'll see you next time ciao

bye bye


Hi, I'm Kia

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