Should you use Basecamp or Notion?

Both Basecamp and Notion are amazing apps. However, they do things quite differently, and if you're thinking between the two, I know what I would choose.

With today's rush for working remotely, we don't have the time to 'play' with tools and apps. We need to get a tool that works for us out of the box.

In today's episode, I do a quick walkthrough of what I think is the best choice.


so earlier today I spoke to my best

friend and she's been tasked to look for

a tool because they've had to close down

their office and work remotely and she

has two options one is notion and the

other one is Basecamp

now obviously you know I use Basecamp

and I'm kind of someone who forces

people to use Basecamp however there are

pros to notion notion isn't a bad app or

service but the way I explained it to

and I think she understood it is that

there's a difference between Mac and PCs

they both have their pros and cons I use

Mac's because they're really simple and

they just work out of the box you can

just make it work and a PC yes you can

make it work out of the box however you

might have to program certain things and

that's basically what notion is notion

is more like a database than a tool that

you can just open and start using now

some might be disagree with me on this

and I understand that because they're

experts in it and they use it the thing

is companies nowadays who are being

forced to go remote I don't know who

said this recently and I completely

agree with it they've been forced to go

remote they don't have the time to play

with tools they don't have you know I'm

a tech guy so I can get notion and fix

it and make it work for me I work on my

own but also I'm a tech guy because I

can do it but if you just want an app

that just works and you don't want to

program it

I think Basecamp is probably the better

thing you don't as I said you don't have

time nowadays because everyone's

distributed now you know with with

what's going on the companies don't have

the time to say oh let's program this

app to work the way we want it to work

what you need is an app that you can

just get off the shelf you still need to

do a couple of things on it as well but

you don't have to

grammar to do what what it what you need

it to do came out wrong so I would

suggest nowadays especially with what's

going on everyone's distributed and

you're kind of clambering to get at all

to work for you base camps probably the

way to go

not notion however good notion is I

don't think it's a quick off the shelf

start working type app whereas Basecamp

actually is notion you kind of need to

know what you're doing get someone in to

program it to do the things that you

need it to do again think Mac and PC

with a piece with a PC you kind of need

to worry about a few things and with a

Mac you can just pick it up and pretty

much start working and that's how I

would describe the two anyway that's the

episode today have a great day if you

have any questions about notion or

Basecamp mainly Basecamp let me know in

the comments below or send me a message

through my website which is MEC jung-hee

comm anyway keep it simple use Basecamp

wash your hands we'll get through this

together and I'll see you tomorrow

have a good day ciao bye bye

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