If you’re like me, you probably have pushed the reset button a few times. Doing a reset, personally or professionally, is one of the best things you could do to help you find clarity. So for my 100th video, I want to share what I have reset in my work and personal life so that you can see how freeing it can be.


have you ever thought to yourself I will

just want to hit the reset button and be

just I want to be done with it I want to

start again well that happens to me

quite often when I was in the UK I had a

music studio and I used to do music with

my friends at the time Roman and one day

we were working on this track track and

I turned around to the sample and turned

it off now all hell broke loose now we

worked on that track for a few days but

nothing seems to be working so I thought

you know what I'm just gonna switch it

off and start again now obviously we

argued we argued like hell he came into

the studio the next day I had already

set up a few things and then that track

turned out to be one of our best tracks

that we ever put out and it got me

thinking throughout my life about

hitting the reset button and I've done

that quite a lot of times and every time

I've done it it's actually worked out

for the for the best basically so what I

would suggest is have you ever hit the

reset button have you ever thought about

hitting a reset button because when I

work with my clients that's generally

what I do I reset their emails their

files I mean there's some things that I

don't obviously resend that I don't need

to but I think the reason why people

don't like hitting the reset but a

button is bit mainly because of

uncertainty I don't know I'm happy with

the way I'm working I don't know if I

want to do it but after it's done you

generally my clients say to me I wish

I'd done that you know I wish I did this

earlier now it's such a cliche thing to

say but it's it is actually quite true

and you'll notice that in your own life

if you think back to do I need to do

this you do it and then find out it's

actually better anyway

now what I want to talk about in this

video and this being my hundredth video

is my reset my recent reset now I went

through my life and not just my computer

or my digital life but my personal life

as well and my goals and so on

and I basically hear big fat reset

switch it was it was a big lever that I

just wanted to reset everything

and I wrote down a bunch of stuff I've

done a lot of stuff with my workflow as

well so I changed my email service

provider I got rid of ji swear I've

changed my project management all my

tasks manage and so on because there

were a lot of things that I just wasn't

using that that's my work life and and

certain other things as well now my

personal life I'm going to be talking

about that in the coming weeks as to how

I'm basically resetting everything but

with my work life if you've noticed

obviously Mac junky is kind of gone by

the lay side and my personal brand is

kind of coming out now I wanted to do

this a long long time ago and just like

you saying no I don't want to do this I

did that with Mac junkie now I spoke to

a good friend of mine a long time ago

who's a marketer and it knows about all

the and she knows all about all of this

stuff she told me ditched the name

ditched a MEK junkie name and I said no

because I really won't like the brand

like the name like they liked everything

about it but she said it's gonna hurt

you later on a year or so down the line

and I found that it was hurting me so

that was my mistake for not hitting a

reset button back then

so I'm now hitting the reset button

everything has changed everything is

different my brand is similar because

its simplicity and tech minimalism and

so on but in a different way and again I

didn't want to do it

so you've really got to think and

actually now is going very very well

touchwood so now you've got to think

about your life your work your systems

and just hit the reset button because I

think if you need to if you're thinking

about thinking about that you need to

hit the reset button do it don't wait

just get on with it and do it anyway

I'll leave that episode there today

again it's can't believe it's a hundred

videos I will be making more daily so be

here tomorrow tomorrow is

Tuesday have a great evening sorry the

videos out late today because I've had

neighbors jackhammering so I couldn't

make the video now it's quiet and that's

why I'm doing it now anyway have a great

day I'll see you tomorrow and as always

keep it simple but he hit the reset

button if you need to I can't even talk

anyway see a torch out bye-bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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