Quick update

Finally was able to get access to my MacJunky YouTube channel. Long story, so I won't bore you with the details.


so quick update video um

i finally got my youtube channel back

for mac junkie so

youtube.com forward slash mac junkie

it's it

it was a pain in the ass dealing with

google and stuff i don't want to go into

it i'm not going to talk about it etc

but i had that channel for a long long


but for some bizarre reason i couldn't

use it so i can use it

and i got access to it again um

so i've moved all the videos

over to my mac junkie channel where i'll

be posting

my videos about tech stuff and so on

if you're watching this video on the

old channel i'm going to be doing some

kind of personal stuff still kind of

tech related but more personal not not

really mac junkie related

so you're obviously welcome to stay but

if you want to

hear more about tech minimalism and mac

junkie stuff

go over to that there will be a link


anyway that's it quick update have a

great day and i'll see you in the next



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