Quality matters, no matter what you buy or invest your time on. So when it comes to making the suitable investment to better your life, whether it’s for you or your business, making the right choices should also... matter.


We all understand the concept of quality.

When you go to a shop, you go and feel the clothes, look at the stitching.

When you buy a car, we have this perception of BMWs and Mercedes and Rolls-Royce are the better quality products, right?

Some may argue with that, but I think you understand the concept.

So there's a perceivement of quality. But with that quality comes a price.

How much does it cost? How much time do I need to invest to get that thing?

Whether it's a car or clothing, a course or whatever.

There's always a cost to something. Nothing's ever free.

Even though some may argue this is free, nothing is ever free.

For instance, these videos that I make, they are free, but what's the cost to it to you?

The cost to it to you is your time, your spending time. So nothing is ever free.

And the thing with quality is that you've got to be careful of what you do choose, and things you don't.

I have many clients saying, "Oh, I don't want to pay for another subscription because I'm already paying for Spotify or Netflix or Apple Music."

Now when it comes to those personal things, there are ways that we can cut back.

For instance, you don't need Apple Music and Spotify.

Yes, it will be handy to have both if you can afford it. Great.

But personally, I prefer Spotify, even though I'm the MacJunky, I prefer Spotify. So I don't bother with Apple Music.

The problem comes when I suggest specific tools. They say, "Well, I don't want to pay for another subscription because I'm already paying for Spotify, Netflix, blah, blah."

But the point is that Spotify is a personal thing. Netflix is a personal thing. You can probably forego those, right?

But for your business, the running of your business, you need to invest in your business.

It's a no-brainer.

You have to invest in marketing.

You have to invest in the tools you use, the time you spend.

So the amount of money you spend on your business should be separate to the amount of money you spend on personal things (apps/services etc.)

For instance, you wouldn't say, "I'm not going to buy this tool for my business because I'm drinking three beers instead of one."

They're not related in any way.

Business tools are different.

So when there's a course, something that you need to spend time and money on in investing in yourself and in your business,

I think that should trump things like Netflix and Spotify etc.

So investing in yourself, I believe, is way more better for your quality of life than watching something on Netflix or listening to something on Spotify.

Invest in yourself and your business!

So no matter what course, membership, if it's going to help you with the quality of your life, the quality of that product is good enough for you, I would probably do it anyway.

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