People confuse simple with easy

It’s funny to think people confuse simple with easy. I’ve said this before, but trying to be simple, is very hard to accomplish. Think about all the simple songs, ads and things around you.

Just because you think they are simple doesn’t mean they’re simple to do or accomplish. So when I saw a Tweet on my feed, it got me thinking about how I work with my clients and the questions they ask me.


I'm often told why things are so

difficult when it's supposed to be

simple and in this episode I'm going to

go through what I believe simple should

actually mean hi my name is Kay I'm a

tech minimalist and a Mac junkie I help

my clients organize their technology so

they can free up their time so earlier

today there was a tweet that came up on

my feed someone retweeted it I actually

don't know who this is this is the tweet

his name is Sahil and it says simply

people confuse simple for easy and it

kind of resonated with me in a sense

that I'm a simplifier I'm a simple list

I'm not a minute I'm not a minimalist

per sale even though I talk about tech

minimalism I like to create things that

are simple so later on down the line it

will be easy for me to do those things

whatever they are so I work insanely

hard to make things simple so simple is

easy but you have to put in the work to

make it simple and putting that work can

be difficult I understand it it's taken

me years to get to having everything so

simplified and I'm still working on it

there are still things that are ongoing

that I'm trying to minimize and simplify

and so on

so it's kind of like an ongoing project

for myself but when I work for my

clients and I give them they call it

chores but give them homework

effectively give them tasks to do before

our next session they sometimes I can

see in their eyes and sometimes they

tell me that I thought this was supposed

to be easy

well you still have to put the work in

it's not a magic snap your fingers and

it's all done for you I mean I can

probably do that for you but you're not

going to gain anything from it you need

to understand the framework the

fundamentals the reasons and that's why

I do my tech minimalism program over a

period of time to actually explain

what needs to be done so this notion

that simple is easy is not and I have

done a video in the past about how

simplifying you have to put the work in

here it's difficult to do you know

having something simple for people to

understand is insanely difficult to come

up with to figure out to explain once

it's done however it's amazing it's

really amazing you don't have to worry

about so many chores tasks steps to take

to doing the tasks that you want to do

so you know so this tweet people confuse

it really did resonate with me and it

really made sense and I just wanted to

explain from my side of things when

people say to me oh this is really

difficult I thought it was simple you

have to put the work in you can't get

the keys to an airplane if there's such

thing as keys to an egg effli and and

just jump in the cockpit and start

flying you have to learn it it's a long

hard slog

trust me I've thought about it when I

was in my twenties it's hard work you

have to put in the work to get to where

you want to go and that's with anything

in life so don't confuse simple with

easy however once you're past that

hurdle actually done all that work the

rest of it is plain simple and actually

easy anyway I just wanted to bring that

too to an episode so you guys understand

what I meant and as I said this tweak

kind of resonated with me and I wanted

to give you my thoughts on it have a

great day today is Wednesday have a

great days hump date they call it hump

day which is weird yeah have a great day

as always keep it simple and I'll see

you in the next episode which will be

tomorrow ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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