Now is the time to work on your business

If you’re working in your business and find you have no time for anything other than client work, then you might need to start thinking about working on your business.

We often forget why we became freelancers or business owners. We did it because we wanted more time for ourselves. However, this has gone by the wayside due to working all the hours given to us.

I believe the main reason for this is the lack of workflows and systems to help you auto-magicly!


so I actually wanted to make this video

early this week but I thought you know

what let this week finish the Friday is

probably the best time for this what I

want to talk about is working on your

business now obviously with the pandemic

going on right now I think now is the

best time to actually work on your

business rather than in it because there

is no work so you can't where a lot of

people are not have that much work from

what from what I hear and what I see my

work is actually doing do it as well so

I thought you know well rather than

waste this time let me work on my

business and try to figure out how I can

help others while making money obviously

we all need to pay rent and stuff so I

think the difference between working in

your business and on your business is

slightly different for a lot of people

because they've done a bit of research

on this and I know about this how I my

dog going downstairs sorry so how I

usually what I think working in your

business is when you're working with

your clients and actually doing hands-on

stuff the problem with working in your

business is that you don't have time to

work on your business and on your

business basically means exactly that

like doing things around your business

to make things easier easier for

yourself and easier for your clients as

well so getting the right automations

going making sure your tools are working

etc etc and as I said I didn't want to

do at the beginning of this week because

during this week I've kind of gone

through mainly my website because I did

a reset a couple of weeks ago so I did

most of that work anyway before any of

this kind of hit but this week I kind of

went through my services and what I

could offer people made remote support

I've always done remote support but

basically made a remote support page to

kind of make that more accessible and

available for people so people know that

I do that so those things for me equate

to working on your business so on my

business to make sure things are running


because when you're working in your

business and when you're working with

clients generally you don't have the

time the mental power as it were because

you're concentrating and focusing on

your client work to actually make things

easier for yourself and that's why I

think now is kind of the perfect time

because obviously it seems like a lot of

people aren't working as much as they

should be anyway that's the episode

today hopefully you got some benefit

from it if you need any help

remote support or any help with working

on your business with the right tools

and stuff obviously contact me the

information down below you can contact

me at MEC junkie com4 slash contact I'll

put it up here anyway have hope you had

a great week hope you will have a great

weekend as always keep it simple wash

your hands

we'll get through this together I'll see

on Monday have a great weekend bye bye


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