How to create a simple workflow

The most often asked question I get is: How do I create a workflow that works? In this video, I go through one aspect of my workflow and how I keep track of my prospects and clients, from acquisition to work to the final invoice.


so today I want to do something a bit

different the weather outside is

beautiful and Wolff wants to go outside

but it I can't record outside because

it's too windy so in the past few videos

I've actually shown you my todoist my

email my phone my files and so on but

what I want to do in this video is show

you how my workflow works and what kind

of tools I use throughout the day which

one of those tools and how I use them so

if we go over to my computer now

obviously this is my website the first

tool I use the first tab is my sales

pipeline now if you're working for

yourself if you're freelancer like I am

basically you kind of need to keep track

of your contacts your clients your sales

I used to do it with post-it notes and

reminders and FileMaker Pro I even built

a FileMaker Pro but it didn't quite work

there's a guy who coined the phrase hard

borders and I love hard borders between

my tools because those tools the two

things those tools do that particular

job really well and you can focus on

that task at hand sorry wolf is here

saying hello hello wolf so my pipe drive

is my sales pipeline now I'm gonna go

through one person which is Peter Peter

is an old client of mine he contacted me

a couple of weeks ago and said I need

help with my workflow can you help me

so I created a lead in my pipe drive and

if we go into it I have all the

information I need here as well as

client information here which I'm going

to blur out obviously but all the emails

to do with the conversation we had about

what he actually needs so up here the

goal is improving my workflow efficiency


archiving organizing through a cloud

saucy we're going to talk I'm gonna talk

to him in two weeks this is when I need

to contact him so in my pipeline I know

who it is what I need to do and where he

is in my in my flow so from here I will

create I will call him and we'll create

a meeting I will put it in here and

everything will then be in his timeline

so I can always go back to the timeline

to figure out what we did and when from

there obviously we've had a discussion

and we I need to define how we're going

to work together and then I will create

a proposal

show him the proposal and once he says

yes hopefully people say yes and then I

will put it into the invoice meaning I

will create the invoice and is it paid

once it's paid then I will mark it as

one I'm not going to do that I'll see

right now and then what will happen is

that I will put this back then what will

happen is that it will create a project

within my project management tool in

which case todoist

a project with certain steps that I have

in here and it's obviously in admin I'm

not going to open it for this client

obviously so everything pertaining to

that project will be under admin so my

pipe drive is my first tab because I

don't want my email to be my first tab

my project management tool is my second

time because I'm doing projects email is

obviously email now you'll notice here

on the right you have pipe drive so it's

attached to my gmail so whenever an

email comes in I can create an activity

for that email I can create a new client

for that email

and attach it to a create or attach it

to a project so this is actually very

handy these are the things that I have

to do on my sales pipeline which

actually I should do quite quickly my

calendar is self-explanatory it's very

simple I don't block times I like to

keep times open so if there's an

emergency or I need to do something

quite quickly I have time to do that so

that's how it is now what I want to do

is show you how I get people into my

pipe drive so one of the ways I get

people into my pipe drive in my contact

form you have a book a call now when you

book a call with me here so let's just

book a call here and a time accession

you fill out the information that

automatically goes into my pipe drive

now I don't want to do it that way what

I want to do is show you with the

contact form so I'm going to create a

bogus client here so I'm going to call

him John Doe he is not a robot sent so

now what happens once it goes through I

should then get an email saying that

there's an inquiry from John Doe

so if I click into it but what I want to

show you is in my pipe drive you notice

it's created elite and within this lead

is created a task so it's created a task

and then I fill out all of this

information so again we go through the

motions and then you know we went you

know I win the prospect in the project

that's how easy it is that's how I've

basically glued everything together

there's another program called zapier

which works in the background to

actually make that part work but that's

basically it I don't want to go into

depth into these projects

I will do different videos about

pipedrive and how you should actually

use it how its set out but this is the

very basics and I wanted to just go

through because a few people have asked

me well yeah you've made these videos

but how do they work together so this is

how I work it's very simple it's

automated as much as I want it automated

I've found with automation if you

automate too much you don't know where

all your data is anyway I'm gonna go

back out because wolf wants to go out I

can't record outside but I can walk

outside so enjoy your day keep it simple

and I'll see you in the next video ciao

bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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