How to create a simple filing structure that works

Having a workable system or workflow is hard to come by. But if you step back and understand what would make your filing structure better, then you can efficiently work towards making it happen. In today's episode, I go over some tips that could make it easier.


when it'd be great if you had a

simplified filing system so you could

actually just look at it and know

exactly where everything was well today

I'm going to share a tip with you hi my

name is K I'm Mac junkie and a tech

minimalist and I help my clients

organize their technology so they can

free up their time so today I actually

had a coaching client coaching session

with a client of mine where we were

trying to figure out what was the best

way to organize his files when he looked

at my system he realized that he could

probably work for him so we discussed it

a little bit and we kind of put my

system my filing structure to work for

him so I we basically all have three

areas of our lives we have a work area

where we're working for somebody or

working for ourselves we have a business

area if we work for ourselves obviously

we need a business area and we have a

personal area a personal is kind of

pretty obvious so you would have you

know like your utilities and your

passport and anything to do with your

personal life in there housing etc now

obviously in these three areas three

three areas of the of the hierarchy you

could have as many folders and as many

subfolders as you want but I try to keep

them to a minimum the business folder is

anything to do with my business so

contracts templates that you that I

probably would use ndas that I actually

have anything to do with my business I

would basically put into that area again

you can sub organize these now my

clients area or my work folder so I'll

put my todoist up here and my clients

fold it sorry my Google Drive folder up

here as well so you'll see the

difference so in the work folder work

area I should say it's to do with my

client so anything to do with my client

so I clients

basically has a folder and within each

folder if there's anything to do with

that client whether

it's images or files or contracts or

invoices sometimes I'll put invoices in

there that they've signed and stuff like

that I basically put into that folder so

if you keep to this hierarchy you'll

find that whenever you want to go and

search for something you want to find

something you can go to that area and

find it pretty much straight away you

don't have to keep hunting and searching

all did I put it here today

put it there etc you have three areas

you work on that one area at any one

time and you work on that client or that

part of your business so you would be

specific into being in what area you

need to be in that makes any sense

anyway that's the episode today I hope

you're having a great day it is the

weekend so I will see you on Monday hope

you have a great weekend and as always I

forgot this yesterday as well as always

keep it simple and remember there's only

three areas you need have a great week

and see you then

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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