How often do you check your email?

What if I told you that only checking your email mailbox once or twice a day will get you more productive and your world won’t burn to the ground?


so is Friday the weekends coming up

today's video is actually going to be

about email now you've probably noticed

this week I've actually been doing

videos about emails I wasn't planning on

to but I had quite a lot of information

so I thought you know break it up into a

few days and it just worked out that way

anyway today's topic of our email is how

often you check your email how often I

think you should check your email now I

always talk about notifications and

turning off your notifications and I had

problems in the past where you know I

used to check every time a notification

come in I used to check my email and

this is a while ago now obviously and it

confused me it kind of annoyed me

because I was actually doing something

and I had to get distracted in doing my

email something else was taking wanted

my time basically so what I decided to

do a long time ago was to start checking

my email once or twice a day sometimes

three times a day but generally twice a

day and a lot of my clients when I they

basically know that I only checked my

email twice a day when I work with a

project or when I'm coaching we actually

have a different system where they

contact me through a different thing so

email is not a big issue so it actually

also when you send me a message through

my website actually tells you that you

know I'll contact you between 24 and 48

hours that's effectively me batching my

time and doing emails a specific moment

in the day rather than throughout the

day where because I don't want to be

distracted basically whether I'm walking

my dog or actually doing work on with my

clients or working on my business so the

point is not to constantly check your

email now if you think about it in the

olden days I mean I remember before

email I used to have an inbox I had a

couple of jobs a seven

and if you think about the end but the

the the physical inbox that used to have

on your desk which I used to have people

used to put stuff in it now looking at

that inbox seeing it full even at that

time you know I I don't really think

about this when I started this will

email journey with you know that my

mailbox and how I deal with it

that's your email inbox people just keep

putting stuff in it and just annoyed me

so what I used to do is actually take

that inbox and put it on the floor so

people used to say to me what what are

you doing after why they understood it

because I was trying to explain it to

them no one else did it though so

whenever something came in they just put

it I think it was one job I had the

closet behind me and they just put it in

there I didn't even look at it because

I'm concentrating on this thing and it's

kind of like your email you have your

inbox you don't want to see a bunch of

things hence inbox zero and you only

want to check your inbox your email or

your the physical inbox only when you

want to go and get something I mean it's

actually safer thinking about it it's

like a mailbox in your house if you had

a mailbox in your house and obviously I

know people do have mailboxes in their

house again I don't I live in an

apartment I'm just glad that the postman

puts it into that mailbox and I don't

have to look at it other than once a day

sometimes Mel Mel comes in twice a day

even three times a day some places

anyway that's that's the video today so

the whole point is to check your email

less often concentrate on email at a

specific time see if you're actually

concentrating on the subject of the

email so you can put your whole being

into it like you're you're actually

working with it rather than one-word

answers and yeah just keep it as simple

as possible because trying to complicate

your emails try to do your emails

throughout the day is just gonna annoy

you you know you're never gonna go to

to inbox zero and you know as I talked

about earlier this week with the folders

it's basically the same thing and

looking a bunch of stuff that you don't

need to look at anyway have a great

weekend I will I will see you on Monday

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great weekend I'll see you next week

keep it simple bye like

Hi, I'm Kia

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