Don’t follow the 'remote work' hype blindly

So the newfound ‘hype’ or Remote Work is getting out of hand with this coronavirus (COVID-19) issue the world is having.

As a Tech/IT guy (and speaking with my security expert colleagues) we’re getting worried with the amount of ‘wrong’ information being out there, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on this.


so today I came across a tweet and that

I want to go through and it's kind of a

back and forth with a guy called

Christian and I do agree with what he's


it's about remote working the virus

that's going on at the moment now I do

believe in remote work and I think

everyone should work remotely because it

does help the business it helps output

and it helps saving money and making

more money and stuff it does help in in

in all areas but there are certain

businesses there can't obviously work

remotely but those who can should be

able to give a be given the opportunity

to work remotely especially with what's

going on around the world right now with

this virus a lot of things have been

closed down because they can't be

meetings and anyway so I'm gonna put up

a tweet here and this is his original T

I'm not gonna play the video in the

tweet but basically I'm going to read it

so use this virus as an opportunity to

show that remote work is a great

alternative to the terrible open offices

that were now that we've got nowadays

which I completely agree burst a bubble

or of a remote doesn't work by showing

that it does now again I agree with this

I don't have a problem with this the

problem I have with it is the follow up

to it because I basically said I do

agree with this however there's one

thing businesses have to think about and

that's the technology that set up

correctly because I don't think the

technology isn't set up correctly if the

work flow isn't set up by your business

basically you're not going to get any

collaboration done so making sure your

company has the right text act and able

to you to work remotely and

collaboratively so make sure that your

business is set up correctly now he

replied with I agree but sometimes it's

also down to you as an employee to

purpose systems yes and no and I'll get

to that since that will show you

understand what makes Remote

work what remote work is all about now

yes I agree you have to explain to your

company your business that remote work

is actually going to help them however

if you just willy-nilly get a computer

get a work computer and put the put

stuff on there that you're not supposed

to put on there I'm gonna get to that in

a moment that's bad for the business it

may be good for you but it's bad for the

business meaning if you put an app or a

system to work remotely on your computer

how do you know your colleague is using

a different app or different

collaboration tool you have to have the

right workflow the right tools to be

able to work collaboratively and that is

secure and that your IT department if

you have won a lot of these companies

generally don't which is just blows my

mind that they are able to access the

data not personal data but access to the

data in a sense that if your computer

gets lost they need to be able to wipe

the data and all the information on and

whatever so you can't just wait for

things to be handed to us we need to

drive this ourselves

again going back to what I just said

it's not your computer it's a business

computer and a business is in business

to make money and to make sure that

their data is safe so if you you you're

using their computer and putting a bunch

of crap on there that you shouldn't be

doing the IT department is going to get

a headache just are and if you don't

have an IT department the data is

probably not safe that means the

business is going to get screwed over

somehow so then I basically reply with

you'll be surprised what the IT

department won't allow what you can do

with the devices given to you by the

business it's not your computer so even

though I agree with you when you create

with each other to a certain degree it's

not something an employee can do due to

security and stuff which I've talked

about so again it's up to the business

what you can put on the work device it's

up to the business to to figure out what

their workflow is what your workflow

should be if you as I said earlier if

you put if you work remotely on Google

Docs fantastic great everyone has access

to it but is there a workflow for


is there a work for communication is

there workflow for email in in I don't

think anyone should send emails

internally within your business but is

there some sort of a framework or a

workflow so you can't go around

willy-nilly using your business supplied

device put a bunch of stuff on there not

knowing what you're doing not

necessarily knowing what you're doing

and then having good output in the sense

that everything is done because your

colleagues don't know where the files

are if you're doing that they won't know

how where you're communicating unless

it's what's up and you're doing

something completely wrong

so again however much I want to agree

with Christian and I do agree with

working remotely but you need to make

sure that your tech stack your workflow

your framework is set up by your

business there's only one way of doing

that is by getting someone within the

business to actually do this and create

this and that's it and then work

remotely make sure your business is set

up to work remotely just getting a

computer off the shelf and working

remotely ain't cutting it I agree with

the overall sentiment that Christian is

talking about we need to show businesses

that remote work is a thing and can work

and does work but we can't be running

around like headless chickens just

getting computers and start typing away

any ain't gonna happen and it's gonna

cause way more problems than you think

it will anyway I'll leave the episode

there have a great day tomorrow's Friday

I will see you then and as always keep

it simple but think about what you're

trying to keep simple don't just run

around like a headless chicken I see you

tomorrow ciao bye bye


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