Don’t be Norm

In the TV show Cheers, there was Norm, he sat on the same stool, drank the same beer, and did the same thing day after day. He seemed to enjoy his life, but we as a viewer saw a person who was boring and just did the same thing over and over again. Don’t be Norm.


back in the 80s there was a TV show

called Cheers in there there was a

character called norm norm Peterson and

he never changed much he basically

stayed the same he drank B he sat on the

same stool when someone's saying he

still he taught them to move he was kind

of a bit weird about that still that

spot he was normal and I'm wondering if

they called him norm because he was

normal now I might bring in yourself I

don't like to be normal I don't like to

be doing the same thing over and over

again now obviously going by norm

Peterson's life and the things he did

obviously there wasn't a problem with it

but throughout the show you noticed

everyone else changed around him

but he didn't he stayed exactly the same

he stayed true to what he believed in

now again there's nothing wrong with

that however when you're in your own

life if you do the same thing over and

over again obviously it becomes a habit

and he kind of gets stuck in that habit

and it's not always a good thing for

your life for your business I guess I

mean we're talking about tech mannerism

here so for your business doing the same

thing over and over again so it's often

good to change what you do and how you

do things because staying the same does

get stale and people around you have

probably just overtaken get ahead of you

so it's not wise to stay like norm norm

Peterson to stay normal it's always good

to change and chop you know do different

things and that's why I thought I'd make

there that's why I thought this week I'm

going to make different kind of videos

I'm gonna make them all black and white

make them completely different and stay

close to the camera so I can be close

to you and make you try to make you

understand that doing what you're doing

with your tech that's what you're here

for that's why you're watching my videos

if you're doing if you're doing the norm

if you're doing the normal things in the

computer great

you'll get by but the amount of times I

get calls by clients saying you know

I've had a computer for many years

everything is a complete mess

being norm norm Peterson staying normal

with your equipment and your technology

obviously isn't working and it won't

work so it might be an idea to the

phrases you know what's the phrase think

outside the box you know that it's it's

a cliched phrase that everyone uses

think outside the box and do something

now if you've known me full over for a

long time you know that I am constantly

thinking outside the box I'm constantly

coming up with different ideas and

constantly coming up with new ways of

doing things whether that's to simplify

or just to learn something different and

it's always good to learn new things and

do things differently so I thought you

know what let's do things differently

today let's not do the norm let's not be

norm Peterson and being the same seed

she does not choose the same scene

not in the same position and try to

explain how being different with your

technology will actually help you get

ahead and not sit in the same place and

be stale like norm Peterson anyway

that's the video today I hope you having

a great day I hope you had a good

weekend actually it's Monday today as

always keep it simple and I will see you

tomorrow ciao

Hi, I'm Kia

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