Do you suffer from FOMO?

It’s a known fact that being an internet user or working on your own can cause you to have the age-old syndrome: FOMO.

At times it feels that we ‘need’ to know everything about what’s going on, but as I explained in yesterday's episode, it’s just a distraction taking focus away from what you’re doing.


so yesterday's video was about creating

a distraction-free environment to work

in so not getting distracted by

colleagues by notifications and so on

and so forth

the what I want to talk to you about

today is FOMO or fear of missing out and

a lot of people have it I have it my

next-door neighbor had I mean everyone

pretty much has it and not being on the

Internet as well as well as working on

your own like I do it I'm forever in

fear of missing out so we all are

actually but there are certain things

you can do about it now I got a comment

in yesterday's video about yesterday's

video I put it up here and I'll read it

my biggest issue right now is getting

lost in extra tabs we've all been there

I know that I go to check on something

in need to look at and then make my way

to an unrelated tab and lose time from

the task I was focused on in the first

place which again the whole point of

yesterday's video was being distracted

with the tap on the shoulder and

notifications and having a bunch of tabs

open is pretty much the same thing look

forward to watching a later video today

whatever sorry I know why even bother

saying it so the point is this person

Jean is having issues with lots of tabs

open now I've seen this so many times

when I'm working on a computer or

working with a client they sometimes

even have like two or three browsers

open with a bunch of tabs on and it just

makes no sense I understand the reason

reasoning between having two browsers

one as a personal browser and if you're

working for a business or your own you

have a second browser and I sometimes do

that I use Chrome if I'm doing business

stuff and I used to fari for basically

everything else or brave or whatever by

anyway - now the point is having a bunch

of tabs open is the fear of missing out

oh my god I've got to keep it for later

on but have you ever found that but you

go back to that brow

and you just after a day or so you just

keep closing your just closing the tab

so there's no reason to have them or

keep them or whatever what you should be

doing there there are several things you

can do and this is what I replied to

Jean is to have a system whether it's a

to-do list whether it's a project

management tool whiteboarding or a

whiteboard or whatever or even a Notes

app so you have your own second brain

somewhere it's called a second brain

yeah I know and I think it's weird as

well and putting everything that you

want to reference in your second brain

in an in a location where you can

actually go and find it again now the

good thing about doing that and rather

than just having a bunch of tabs open is

that you could actually it's kind of

like an archive of what you were doing

and what you are trying to research and

so on so in the future if you ever want

to go back to it you can you always have

the link the the notes and whatever on

there so having a tab open

you don't put a note on there be like

well what why is this open after a day

or two probably not always but probably

whereas if you have a second brain

whichever system that you choose you can

actually put notes in and get rid of

that tab now I talked about email a lot

email is a big thing for me and I'm

forever telling people to stop having a

bunch of emails in their inbox now

having a bunch of tabs open to me is

equivalent to having a bunch of emails

you go to your email to communicate with

someone or read something you don't want

to go to your email inbox and go oh my

god I gotta go through all of this it's

the same with the tabs you're a bunch of

tabs what am i doing anyway that's the

episode today hopefully that helped you

out if you do have a bunch of tabs open

just close them or take notes of them

put them in your second brain put it in

your notes app take notes

about it and then just closed it anyway

as always keep it simple I see you

tomorrow and tomorrow is Friday yeah

have a great evening ciao bye-bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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