Choose wisely

Do you keep bouncing from app to app for your business? The saying goes like this; Just because it’s available, doesn’t mean you should use it. I have a ton of clients who do this and always ask me how to minimise apps and services for the better.

The point is not to keep using everything available, but to use the apps and services that work for you.


hey there's K I hope you had a great

weekend today's Monday and what I want

to talk about today is just because it's

available doesn't mean you should use it

just because it's there doesn't mean you

should so what I'm basically talking

about is I get a ton of clients come to

me with pretty much the same issue on

their computers in their and their

phones where they have lots of different

versions of the same type of app so

different notes I have different

calendars different to-do lists

different project management tools and

they bounce between one and the other

depending on what project they working

on which kind of makes no sense to me

because once you have a project

management tool or the Notes app they

all do the same thing right

obviously you need to find the one that

works for you but I find that they get

confused that's why they come to me and

I coach them but they get confused as to

which ones they should use the problem

is that there is too much choice there's

a paradox of choice is actually a video

which I'll link below which is a great

video of this thing is a professor but

it's called parent paradox of choice if

you give someone too much choice they

will not choose anything or they'll

basically bounce between the different

things and not make a decision as to the

one that they should stick on

so again just because it's available

does it mean you should use it so you

really got to look into how you you know

your workflow how you work and choose

the specific tool and stick to it don't

keep changing your tools all the time

anyway that's the video today it's

actually quite a short one

I've actually got to go and get my hair

cut because this is getting a bit silly

I'm trying to grow it but I think I'm

just going to shave it again anyway have

a great day I'll see you tomorrow and

keep it simple ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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