Backing up is not only for your data

Having a backup of your data is not enough. You need to start thinking about backup tools too.

Before recording, today’s episode something happened where I wasn’t able to make it, but as I had thought about this in the past I moved over to my backup solution, let me explain…


so now you're wondering why this screen

is black and I don't have a thumbnail

well this video is actually about

backing up and having a backup for your

data for your tools and stuff so if you

stay till the end of the video I'll

explain to you exactly what's going on

and the reason for this so I made a

video a little while ago about backing

up and making sure that you have a

backup now our backup doesn't mean

having data off of your computer onto a

drive because that's not a backup that's

just data in one place point of a backup

is to have it in multiple places two or

three places now in a previous video if

I can find the link I'll put it down in

the show notes and description below I

talked about having backups for your

tools making sure having you know if a

service stops working if you're if

you're on an online service and it stops

working you need to have a backup back

in the past we all had them we all have

a domain name for our email address

sometimes our email service would stop

working so we would revert to Gmail the

free Gmail or MSN or something like that

so it was kind of a backup in that sense

a lot of companies for some bizarre

reason use what's up for communication

as a backup tool again what's up not a

good idea as a backup tool maybe but

again it's a backup so the point of this

video and the reason why this video is

black is because something happened and

I couldn't make a video so I had to make

my episodes and that's and I want to

kind of promote my podcast as well and

and because I couldn't make the videos I

had to do something else something

happened and I couldn't I just couldn't

do it so I had to do something else

my backup will become the podcast now

why are you not seeing me and why are

you seeing just a blank screen a black

screen or a blank

well something happened and I couldn't

show my face so I needed a backup hence

why it's like this and that thing that

happened and this is the most stupid

thing I've ever gonna say for some

bizarre reason I got a spot at the end

of my nose now a spot would be fine but

it doesn't stop bleeding and I don't

know what's going on and it literally

just happened an hour before I wanted to

record so me making a video with a piece

of tissue dabbing my nose every few

seconds isn't good so I needed the

backup and that backup is the podcast

and that's why I'm making a point of

having a black screen plus I don't want

to show this stupid dot on the at the

end of my nose as to yeah having a

backup having an alternative way to do

something an alternative way to use a

different tool and for me in this

instance it's an alternative way to keep

making an episode because I promised

myself a year ago and it's coming up to

a year on the 25th of April is a year

from the from the first video I ever

made I made a commitment to myself to

make a video every day and I don't want

to break that promise so this is a video

you're getting content hopefully you

understood the whole point of having

backup of your data and also backup of

your tools as well in an alternative way

of working and this is what it is and

and just touching on the insanity that's

happening around the globe right now

with this pandemic everyone had has had

to kind of rush to find another way of

working well again if these companies

had backups of the of the different way

of working they would have been rushing

they would just literally switch from

one way to another it's just a thought I

thought a plant in there anyway as

always have a great day

keep it simple

wash your hands we're in this together

I'm kind of saying that right now and

throughout my episodes for the moment

and hopefully I will see you tomorrow

with a normal video I'll see you then

have a great day

ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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