Asking for help is never a bad thing

It should be evident that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It's a quest for information to find a better way, no matter the subject. Recently I asked for help with an issue that I couldn't understand.

It was such a simple answer and solution that it made me realise the power of keeping things simple.


so in today's episode we're going to

talk about the obvious elephant in the

room if you're listening to this you

probably won't see it but I'm hoping you

would hear it and how I was able to fix

that problem or that elephant hi my name

is Kay I'm a tech medalist and a Mac

junkie and I help my clients organize

their technology and their time so they

can free up and have more time so what

what do I mean about the elephant in the

room this is oh this is such a silly

video to make but I think it's quite

important there's a message to it so a

few days ago I did make a video about

having a new mic and so on and trying to

get it and I tried to get it working and

it just didn't work and that was my

mistake what I'm trying to explain here

is that if you don't ask for help you're

not going to get to where you want to be

whether that is in your career in your

life in general or the things that you

have around you how to actually do stuff

so a friend of mine I talked to a friend

of mine who is still an audio engineer

and I was talking to him and I said

listen I know I'm an audio guy in the

past why can't I get this working why

can I not fix this and and I couldn't

figure it out because I kept watching

videos and stuff and they're saying yeah

do it this way and it's great but I

couldn't get this mic working before and

what helped me was this thing it's

called a Fathead it's such a silly name

they're actually a Dutch company which

is quite interesting and it's like a

thumb size it's actually thumb size it's

about this big it's a thing that

connects to your recorder to my recorder

you connect the mic to it and boom it

works it's simple it's amazing I can't

believe it now if I hadn't asked for

help if I didn't reach out to my friend

there was no way I would be able to move

all word with what I want to try to do

which is get much better audio for my

instructional videos that I'm going to

be making soon so I really wanted to get

that working so I was buying I've bought

so many stands so that's a different

issue but I've bought different mics

I've bought different recorders have

bought different cables I've done it all

I did it all I should say and it's and

it was silly so I'm sending everything

back like I said in the last video I'm

sending everything back except the

microphone because I think it does sound

better it's making my life easier so

without asking for help this would never

happen so again this FET head thing is

so small so simple and the advice also

was so simple that you know yo go get

this such simple advice that had a

massive impact on how I could move

forward and the thing itself is just so

small and simple so complicating things

like I talk about all the time on these

episodes is kind of the worst enemy is

it's your worst enemy in moving forward

because you're you know this whole adage

more money more problems I don't know

who the guy who's saying that but it's

kind of true yeah if you have more you

have more problems just simplify

everything and make everything work to

your benefit without complicating things

anyway I'll leave the episode ending

here as always go to make joke econ four

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this week and yeah have a great day I

will see you tomorrow with another

episode and as always remember just like

I did today

keep it simple okay have a great one

ciao bye

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