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Any details that I’ve been given, passwords and systems I know about and have installed, the client information, including telephone numbers, addresses, in-fact any information that has been given to me, directly or indirectly by any of my clients will never be sold or give to any third party.


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Third-party services

I use third-party apps and services on this website, so here are links to their privacy policies:

Website platform: Ghost
Emails via Ghost: Mailgun
Payment via Ghost: Stripe
Website tracking: Fathom
Calander bookings: SavvyCal
Chat widget feature: Chatra
Podcast platform: Transistor
Video embeds:

Private Data

Rest assured that your details are safe and password protected in such a way that there is no way anyone will ever be able to access them without my personal approval. All apps and Tools I use to store my client's information are privacy and security-focused, and also GDPR compliant.

Summing up

I like to make clear that personal information should always be personal and private, and that I take it very seriously.

Full terms can be found here.

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