Zapier makes mundane tasks easier

Automation might be annoying to set up at the start, but man it can help you save a ton of time! In this video, I talk about one of my automation workflows that helps me by creating appointments and everything associated with it.


so today I want to talk about automation

now automation to me basically little

robots that do mundane tasks for you

things like creating appointments or

creating tasks or making documents

setting up video calls and so on so what

I'm gonna do today is show you one of my

automations and the path it takes from

when a client books to when we actually

have the meeting so this is a page that

I've created for a one-hour meeting now

here you can choose a day let's choose

tomorrow choose a time and then the

client can basically put in there this

is me testing I have to make

now here you can choose whether you want

a video call or in person now this is

where the automation comes in I use APA

for automation I'm going to show you

that in a moment

so for now we'll just click on video

call put in your telephone number six

one two three four five six seven eight

and now well this four I need help with

automation okay

so we'll schedule that event now the

client will get an email automatically

from this service this service called

currently actually let's go back a step

what I want to show you here is this is

the invitee that we just created

here we go demo ant so I'm going to go

through the steps very quickly now here

this is important and this is what I

wanted to show you so only continue this

SAP if and that if basically is if it's

a one hour

appointment and if there's a video in

the location so if we test this we'll

get a green light because it was a

one-hour and it was a video call okay

and then what happens is that it goes

and creates a I'm not gonna test this

step well I can retest it but I won't

send it so it will create a zoom meeting

put it into my zoom app then it will

send an email I'm gonna retest this but

not send it I'm not gonna send it so

we'll skip that for the moment here's

the demo and then what will happen is

that it will create a a todoist task for

me now this setup is exactly the same

for the in person but with the in person

I've basically just taken off the zoom

because obviously we you know we don't

need to create a zoom appointment for

that so yeah so I use a zoom for my

meetings and I used to use Google

Hangouts and FaceTime and wire and

appear in and so on but I found zoom

quality to be so much better and the

experience for the client is so much

better and also for me or the policy as

well now what I'm going to show you now

instead of going back to the computer

and showing you those things I'm gonna

actually pick up my phone and show you

on my phone all the steps and what's

actually happened so in my phone I have

received an appointment there's an

appointment so if I click it this is the

client demo and McJunkin

that's the person that created the


and then in my calendar legging there is

the appointment that's created in

calendly and in my zoom it's created the

one-hour meeting and there it is so when

we go back to my to-do list we go to

today and there's the appointment it's

created it told me what it is now if I

go into the comments tells me the name

the email the telephone number the

message I need help with automation the

location which is the zoo call so all I

have to do is click that link and it

will go straight into that appointment

the client also gets an email with the

link of the meeting and they can just

click it and enter it so that's

basically all I wanted to show you today

just how automation can help you

automate the mundane things now imagine

if I had to do all of this manually

really annoying

obviously that's what people do and

that's what I used to do but if you

spend the time to go through your

workflow and figure out the steps that

actually need automation and set these

things up then you just you don't have

to worry about all the mundane tasks

that you have to do obviously these

tools cost money but I think it's a

fraction compared to the amount of time

you save that's all I wanted to talk to

you about this week have a great day see

you next week and keep it simple talk to

you soon ciao

Let's stay in touch

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