Your ideas should be put into practice

Running a business is hard, and having good ideas to make your business successful is even harder. However, if you have a gut feeling you have a great idea, then put it into practice!

You’ll be amazed at the number of great people around you that could help formulate that idea and give you valuable advice so you can develop it and put it in to practice.


if you have an idea I believe you should

always try to put it into practice as

best as you can

but sometimes obviously that's not

possible it's like a bucket list that

you kind of want to do but there are

certain things they're just way over the

top you can't do and but in business if

you have an idea that you believe will

work we'll help you as well as others I

think you should basically do them so if

you have an idea generally you should

put them into practice otherwise they're

just sitting there and as I said before

in a previous episode time waits for no


so you kind of have to do these things

and get them out of your head and out of

the way now to-do lists are great you

can actually you know dump your stubby

GTD dump stuff into your inbox and go

through it and do all of that stuff so

always a good thing but there's lots of

different ways of doing it but the point

of this episode is really just to if you

think about doing something and your gut

feeling says that you should do it

generally you should just do it because

you'll regret it if you don't and this

week for me has been an absolute

eye-opener in more ways than one I've

been speaking to so many professionals

in their fields so many friends who've

given me a lot of great advice and

there's a lot of things that I've wanted

to do in the past and never did them

because the time wasn't right and I

wasn't interesting though but this week

I basically I was basically banging on

mount one once a day different ideas

different products different things

there's even more than I'm thinking

about and I'm gonna publish something

next week about my latest idea which is

gonna basically help you out as well so

the point being that if you have an idea

put it out because your ideas believe it

or not generally are going to be

well-received and also people are there

I mean I'm so blessed that I know really

nice people really good people around me

that can help me in formulating these

ideas and and telling me no that's

stupid or no that's great like or what

it what the hell are you thinking about

and I love that kind of feedback because

it's true feedback if someone dances

around you who are basically hangers on

isn't it's not going to help you so

they're gonna help you develop or

anything you want people to tell you yes

it's good no it's not good and then no

would not no it's not good it's always a

good thing because then you can change

it and formulate it so I'm really I'm

blessed to having all these people

around me who've pushed me and basically

said yes do these things and I've got to

be honest it's been a great week for me

for putting my ideas out there so this

weekend this is the last video of today

so actually Friday so hopefully you guys

will have a great weekend this weekend

not Friday sorry this weekend think

about the ideas that you I mean we have

so much time now think of the ideas that

you really want to pursue for your

business and just go for it do it

because again you're not gonna get

another time like this where you have so

much time to do the things that you

always thought you would you should do

and you would do but you never got to do

them that's what's happened to me in the

past few weeks and this past week has

just been a zinger as I would call it

anyway have a great day it really enjoy

your weekend as always keep it simple

wash your hands and say stay safe I

can't talk all of a sudden I don't know

what's going on put my teeth back in

stay safe and I'll see you on Monday

have a great weekend gel bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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