Your clients should not jump through hoops

If you’re running a business, you need to make sure that your clients and prospective clients, can get a hold of you without having to jump through hoops.

Today I had an issue with my Zoom account, and I’m not able to contact them as I need to be signed in to do so! WHAT?! See the problem here?


so it's going to sit down and make a

video about something but something else

came up and I want to talk about this

you have to make it easy for people to

contact you especially if you're working

on your own and the whole point of

getting clients is getting them to

contact you

obviously this company so what happened

I changed the email address of my zoom

accounts now I pay for zoom and upon

changing it I had two relog in but I

couldn't login because of for some

reasons I thought ok no no worries I'll

try to contact them the problem is you

can't contact them unless you're signed

in why do people make things so goddamn

stupidly complicated what the [ __ ]

so I've tweeted it them let's see what


there isn't a Support address there

isn't a chat feature because the chat

feature only works when you're signed in

and obviously my problem is I can't sign

in so zoom if you're listening to this

what the [ __ ] anyway as I pay for it

every month I had a billing email

address I've sent them an email address

the point is you have to make it simple

for people to contact you don't be

stupid like zoom is because you can't

how can you contact basically make it

simple for people to contact you so I

actually went through my website after

this fiasco to try to figure out is is

it easy on my website or any thing that

I have for people to contact me and I

try to make things as simple as possible

so if you want to contact me via zoom

its literally make 4/2 zoom I

make it so simple for people to contact

me Mac forward slash contact

Mac Mac for slash call to

book a call with me make for

slash appointment to book an appointment

with me I've made it so insanely simple

for people to contact me and I think you

should do too because people we get

frustrated when you're trying to contact


one and they'll just do something else

obviously with zoom I can't do anything

else but if someone's trying to contact

you at your business and it's stupid and

it's not intuitive enough and it's not

simple enough people are gonna get

pissed off and go somewhere else so just

think about that whether it's a email

phone call anything so that's the

episode today I'm actually very annoyed

because my zoom doesn't work I can't do

any calls right it's just so I actually

wanted to open up my zoom so people can

contact me say you know if you need any

help but maybe I'll do that tomorrow

which will be Friday so that's the

episode today it's a stupid one but I

just wanted to let you know the issues

that I'm having with zoom and to keep it

simple with anything you do but

especially when trotter people are

trying to contact you if you're running

your business if you're running your

business you need people to get in touch

anyway have a good day I'm gonna put go

go and pull my hair out and hopefully

get this fixed have a great one and I'll

see you tomorrow ciao tomorrow

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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