You get what you pay for

I often hear from my clients that adding yet another subscription to use a tool for their business is getting to a tipping point, and to an extent, I agree.

However, what they don’t think bout is how much time they waste by tot choosing the right app or service.

As I said, you get what you pay for, and if you want smoother and less friction when working with your clients, then it’s time to think more about how the tools are going to help you rather than the cost.


you know the saying you get what you pay

for I came into a conversation the other

day online about people saying software

cost too much and so on now I used to

agree with that it was kind of annoying

that every every time a new app came or

they changed their model from paying for

the app to a subscription based it

annoyed the hell out of me and I didn't

quite understand why companies were

doing this and I to a certain degree

certain apps and services I still don't

understand why they doing it however you

do get what you pay for and what I mean

by that is the apps that I use I mean I

did this reset and I got rid of a ton of

apps but ivory signed up for some other

apps and the reason I did that is

because I know that those apps no matter

how much they cost are going to help me

help me save time as well help me

communicate and collaborate and whatever

with my clients and basically in general

make my life easier so does it matter

how much I pay for it I mean if I how I

usually explain it to my clients is that

this app is going to cost you 25 euros

this app has got to cost you 30 this app

is going to cost you 100 this app is

going to cost you 300 now depending on

obviously what you do you don't need all

of these apps but if I count up all the

apps and services I think I'm hitting

about 300 and 350 mark per month now

that's not actually that much because I

know others that are paying a hell of a

lot more than that for their acts and so

on because of the amount of clients that

they have and and who they serve is the

amount of people that they work with and

so on so paying 300 to 350 euros a month

is a lot of money it as it is it's a lot

of money however the way I see it is

that the apps that I choose and the apps

that I recommend

we'll help me do the do my work easily

so I don't really care how much it cost

as long as I'm saving so for instance if

I'm paying 35 I'm paying about 35 euros

including taxes for my invoicing app now

if I did a lot of that manually doing

the invoices creating sending chasing up

blah blah if I did that manually it

would cost me it'll take me way more

than an hour a month I mean definitely

in causative way more than an hour a

month now

sure for them to charge 35 euros a month

is like a quarter of my hourly rate so

then you think to yourself if I'm

savings that much time and money and

it's making my life easier then it

doesn't matter how much you pay so you

get what you pay for base cap I'm using

on my own I'm paying a hundred dollars a

month on my own

that's insane if you think about how

much money it is but it's saving me time

effort headaches and the friction

between me and my clients that in itself

is worth way more than 100 now again

that's less than my hourly rate so does

it really matter so what you've really

got to think about is how much time

you're saving how much easier things are

making not how much the tool costs

generally so again you get what you pay


anyway I'll leave it there today I hope

you have a great weekend I hope you're

doing well actually through this crisis

oh the Hat the Hat is because of bad

hair day and because of this virus stuff

I can't go anywhere to get my hair cut

so you might well see me wearing a lot

more hats actually I've only got two

heads or three heads whatever so that's

why I'm wearing a hat

and you I have a great day I'll see you

tomorrow and as always keep it simple

wash your hands we'll get through this

together and I'll see you tomorrow ciao


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