Yes, it is possible to have email inbox-zero

After yesterday’s video, I got a few messages and emails asking me how is it possible I have a clean inbox with nothing in it, they didn’t understand how that was possible. So I’d make a follow-up video to explain a little further.

It’s not hard to do; you have to work on other parts of your workflow to get here. It is also possible to have inbox-zero if you only work on just your email workflow. I explain more in the video.


so in yesterday's video I showed you my

email inbox and my folders and how I

actually work with my email I've been

since yesterday I've actually got a few

emails asking me it's not possible and

how do you do it how is it possible that

you have nothing in your inbox well it

is quite simple to do the the the issue

here is not to how can I explain not to

like jump straight into it just doing

your email like this will probably not

work you'll probably find if you put

everything into your I'm looking away

there's nothing in my inbox if you put

everything into your archive you'll

probably find throughout the day you're

just getting loads and loads of emails

well the point is yeah obviously you're

going to get emails or all day all the

time but you have to try to figure out

what those emails are can you

unsubscribe from them can you get rid of

some emails that you don't need the

emails coming in from your website for

instance if you've got a contact form

are they to do with the project those

are things that you actually do need to

deal with on top of having your email

like this the reason why I showed you my

email was pure purely and simply to show

you that it is possible and you can do

it there's no secret to it necessarily

you know having an inbox is something

coming in you're dealing with it and you

get rid of it you archive it but you've

got to decide what you know what emails

come in and what you need to deal with

straightaway there are people that talk

about inbox bankruptcy or or some sort

of term like that what they mean

basically is whatever's in your inbox

just archive it because you haven't

looked at it don't bother with it it

depends on how many things you have in

your inbox I've seen people with like

five six seven thousand things in their

inbox so whenever they go in there

there's a whole load there and to me

having so many things in the inbox

doesn't help me process what I need to


of that one particular email because I

see all this other stuff around it so

that's why I like to have nothing in my

inbox have a zero inbox so the point is

it is possible you have to work with the

other things around it as well to make

sure it works and to keep it like that

but it's definitely possible I've done

this for countless clients and they're

happy with it they're like wow I can't

believe there are some clients I haven't

been able to do it with purely because

of the way they work in their workflow

so they have to have a few mailboxes

well folders or in an email box and

that's okay I prefer that you didn't

have anything because I do believe if

you have an actual system in place you

don't you really don't need it and you

shouldn't have it but you know some

people are I wouldn't say stuck in their

ways but they have a process and they've

got to kind of wean off that process so

I haven't yet had anyone weaned off

their process because obviously they're

working but it is definitely possible I

there's a couple of people a few people

not just a couple of a few people that

I've done that have done this and

they're happy with it and they're not

worrying about it anyway I just wanted

to clarify in this video why I have

nothing in my inbox and how to deal with

it and it's really not a one day to the

next transformation to make this

transformation it does take some time

guess you've got to get into a process

to be able to actually do it anyway

that's the video today hope that makes

sense to you if you've got any if you've

got any questions leave them down below

or send me an email reply to me again go

to Mike for sly subscribe to

subscribe to the sunday dojo trying to

promote that this week I've had quite a

few new subscribers which is really cool

anyway have a great day and I will it's

Thursday right yeah so I will see you

tomorrow Friday take it easy

keep it simple ciao bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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