Yearly review

Doing a yearly review is a great way to look back and see how far you’ve progressed (or failed) to make the coming year ten times better!


hi there so today's video is about is

actually about yearly refuse and what I

mean by that is that we tend not to do

reviews I mean I've done them in the

past couple of years before that I never

really used to do them and I think

they're a great thing to do now I do

kind of weekly weekly reviews and

monthly reviews about my work and how I

work and the tools I use but also

personally like what what have I done I

actually use an app on my phone called

day one where I journal every day there

are a couple of days that I miss out but

I really try to do it every single day

and even if it's one word or a couple of

sentences or one sentence or a full

paragraph or of anything that's happened

to me whether that's personal or

business and obviously I tag them and I

go through that every month I ought to

do every week every month I go through

it and actually just check to see how

the month has been now at the end of the

year I do exactly the same thing I just

spend the whole day I take a day out and

just flick through and reminisce in a

way so it's great to do a yearly review

so yearly reviews are also good in your

business where you can see how your

business has progressed or failed I mean

it can go both ways

and see how you can make things better

for the new year on the technical side

which is why we're all here obviously

you know we all have computers and

they're basically our office so we need

to make sure that they're working and

our systems and automations are all

working well also so we need to kind of

review our technical life as well

whether we have too many tools whether

we have the wrong ass how we using them

we kind of need to look into those

things and try to

curtail I love that word kind of cut

back or add more or change certain

things so doing a yearly review for

everything from your business to your

personal to your technical side of

things is a great way to understand how

you can progress in the coming years a

lot of times I have computers that

stopped working although don't work too

well and the client it's basically like

yeah should I buy a new computer and

generally all that needs doing is

because they haven't done this is to

clean out the operating system now there

is a way of doing it by just cleaning it

out but the way I like to explain it is

if you have a car you would take it to a

garage every year and get the oil

cleaned out as well as other things but

mainly the oil is what I want to

concentrate on so they don't just add

oil so with an operating system on your


the computers generally probably fine

but on the up with the operating system

being the oil in the car you don't just

like move the sorry with the car you

don't just add oil so with the computer

you shouldn't just upgrade year upon

year upon year because just upgrading

just adding oil as it were doesn't clean

out the engine doesn't clean out the

computer so what you need to do is clear

out the oil clean out the operating

system so back everything up completely

wipe the hard drive and install and

brand new operating system so that's

kind of like a yearly review of your Mac

effectively and that will enable it to

go faster you'll probably notice things

aren't crashing as much and things will

basically be smoother so yearly review

for your tech and your Mac and for your

operating for your the systems you use

in your business is should be a big deal

and it should be on your list I'm not

saying at the top of your list because

obviously you need to do personal stuff

but should be on your list so what I

would suggest is take a look at your the

technical side of your business and see

what you can revise cut back add change

don't do it today don't do it tomorrow

because it's still the holidays do it in

the new year once you're a bit more

relaxed and that's the best time to do

it anyway hopefully this has helped you

have a great day it's not new year yes I

have a great day and I'll keep it simple

and I'll see you tomorrow ok good bye


Hi, I'm Kia

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