You may or may not know that last week I wasn't around and I was on a road trip to Portugal and kind of Spain. It's a long story, I'll save that for another time.


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You may or may not know that last week I wasn't around and I was on a road trip to Portugal and kind of Spain. It's a long story, I'll save that for another time.

But one thing that got me thinking about doing this video, it was while I was away, I was actually working, doing some work with some clients and stuff. But there was a lot of times where I couldn't work because I didn't have an internet connection.

Now there's a difference between... it got me thinking about the differences between working from home and working remotely. Now, working remotely and working from home and not really the same thing. Because working from home is effectively, technically it's working remotely, but it's not really because you've always got things around. You have the internet, which is the most important thing when you're working remotely.

When you're working remotely, you need... you... With the, depending on the tools that you're using, you actually need internet connection. Now, luckily I had I think I have unlimited data or 21 gig or whatever when I'm in Europe and... and that was okay.

However, I was running out of data. Not only that, the places that I was staying, which were some amazing places, actually. have some photos of them. I wasn't always able to get a connection, a 4G connection. So I couldn't really work remotely. I couldn't send emails. I couldn't connect to certain pieces, software that I wanted, like in my email list and so on.

So I had to do stuff offline to be able to go back online. And actually got some internet connection to carry on working. So I was very limited into what I could do. So working from home is great. It is working remotely because you have an internet connection, but if you're actually working remotely like a nomad, like I was, because I was on a road trip. It's very difficult to do a lot of the work.

Now there are tools out there. On a Mac specifically, because I'm on the MacJunky, right. That work locally and when you have internet connection, it kind of uploads to the server. So then you and your teammates can carry on working. Luckily for me, I work for my own, so I didn't need any teammate to work, but there were some things that I need to do for my work that I need to input data basically or get information out.

Now, if I don't have an internet connection and if I was using say Basecamp or Google drive, for instance...

Woof! are you okay there? I'm making a video. Okay. need an internet connection. So. it got me thinking about the tools that I was using. And it got me thinking about the tools some of my clients are using because some of them are photographers. One in fact, goes to the Sahara desert to make photos. And he never has internet connection, but he needs to work. So there's certain things, admin things that he needs to do. So we've fixed up a specific solution for him.

So again, The differences between working from home and working remotely a completely different and I don't think many really about the differences because remote work is made for nomads and people like me, who likes... who loves road trips and camping and going off the beaten track but... Working from home is something that can easily be done with online tools.

Hopefully that made some sense if it didn't let me know. Cause it makes sense in my head.

Anyway, till next time I'll see you then, ciao bye-bye.

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