For as long as I can care to remember, I've never had a 'work-life balance'. I've always just had 'Life'. The work part is something that's only been incidental to my life, not the other way around.


So I hope you had a great weekend. I've been thinking a lot about life work balance. And actually recently I've been seeing a lot of posts on LinkedIn about life work balance.

Now, as you know, if you've watched my videos, I don't have a life work balance. I just have life. Work is something that happens around my life.

It's not the other way around. I don't work and then live around my work, if that makes any sense.

So life should be your primary goal. And I'm seeing a lot of posts on LinkedIn and Twitter, but mainly LinkedIn. Cause that's where I hang out effectively. About people talking about life, work, balance, how they need to start working on their lives rather than doing too much work.

Now we all need to work. We realize we need to work. We have bills to pay. We have rent to pay, etc. We need to get work in for that. But I think this pandemic and things that are going on around the globe have actually made people realize that they need to look after themselves more.

They're started to realize that work shouldn't be their number one goal. Their life should be. The family should be. Their dog should be. Hey Woof!

So, I've always lived. As a... I've always lived. I've I've worked because I love my work and the work happens around my life, but I don't let my work stop my life. I don't move somewhere because of work. I don't do something because of work.

I do something because I want to. And the work follows and things that I need to do for work to pay my bills, follows what I do, for my... in my life, basically.

So it's interesting to see how people are trying to save time from their work to actually spend more time on their lives. And there's lots of ways to do that.

Don't work as many hours. Stop having silly meetings. Okay, stop using the wrong technology. I mean, that's what I'm about.

But generally this is about having a life balance and not a life work balance. You shouldn't... work is just something that you need to do to pay the bills, but you shouldn't over work to pay those bills.

If you're paying too many bills, then you're... you either have too much stuff or you're in the wrong job, but if... if the job that you're doing, isn't paying you enough, then maybe you need to go and do something else, obviously.

But you... I think people are starting to realize. And as I have in the past couple of years, that I don't need that much money to live on. So there's no point working my ass off just to pay for stuff that I don't actually need.

So, yeah, I mean, I can't think of any other way of doing it, but I mean, as a whole, throughout my whole life, I've never done something because of work, I've done something because of something that I wanted to do and the work has just basically followed.

So think about that. I wonder how other people actually think about stuff like this. So it'd be interesting to know if you have any comments, there's a chat feature below, so message me. It'd be good to know.

Anyway, that's the episode. Have a great Monday as always...

Keep IT Simple. Keep IT Calm, and I will see you tomorrow.

Ciao. Bye bye.

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