Work files vs backup vs archive

Are you frustrated with your data being all over the place and don't know whether it’s backed up, archived or on your Mac? Yeah, I hear this a lot!

In today's video, I go through the differences between the three and how to avoid headaches. How do you organise your data? Do you know the differences between your working files, your backup and your archive?


do you feel overwhelmed with the amount

of data you have and you don't know how

to organize it well today's video is

actually about that I think it was

yesterday I was speaking to one of my

clients and he was getting bit confused

as to where he should put his data and

what I explained to him basically there

are three different types of data

there's data that you use on a daily

basis there is an archive of your data

and there is a backup of your data and

obviously the backup is it's part of the

archive as well so and I'll go through

it the data that you use every day is

stuff that's on your computer so if

you're working with clients or your

accountant or whatever you kind of need

to have data available to you at all


most of these cloud services for

instance G suite has the ability to

choose whether it's just on the cloud or

whether it's on both it's kind of synced

I mean it's always sinks but so if you

don't have internet connection you can

still access that data backup is

literally just that a backup so if you

lose your computer or whatever and that

data isn't anywhere else you want to be

able to fall back on the backup now

there's a crack to that because

obviously some people think that having

your data on the cloud is a backup and

it's not that is your working data you

still need to backup your data it's a

yeah it's a topic for another video on

that one and the third one is basically

an archive now an archive to me and what

it should be is stuff that you need to

keep but don't need to have access to it

at all time so you have a hard drive or

a system like an ass where you archive

all your data so you can always fall

back on it an obviously financial data

you need to keep for about five years so

you know for the

I usually keep everything on my computer

but you can keep three years of your

past on your computer and everything

else before that is an archive basically

photographers for instance they will

work with a project they will you know

actually work on it

and forget about it and archive it and

then but the archive is also backed up

because the whole point of a backup is

making sure that your data is in more

places so if you archive it that's not a

backup that's an archive so you need to

make sure you have a system in place

where you backup the archive

so you're basically backing up archive

and backing up your backup in some

instances which I've done many times and

backing up your working data which is

the stuff that's on your computer or

your cloud service I hope that makes

sense be interesting to know how you

organize your data and your files and

whether you have a backup system anyway

put the put your comments down below I'd

like to know how you work on that and

I'll talk to you tomorrow

keep it simple bobbing

Hi, I'm Kia

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