Work anywhere with just your iPhone

Working remotely is possible, and it’s insanely easy if you’ve set up the right system. In this video, I go through my workflow on the iPhone while I relax in the park with Woof!


so today I wanted to try something

different I wanted to come to the park

and I wanted to show you my workflow on

my phone when I'm not in the office and

I don't have my laptop it's a beautiful


wolf is around here somewhere running

around why not if your system allows and

you've done all your work why not so I'm

going to show you what's going on with

my phone so my phone you've obviously

seen this pipe Drive is my pipeline for

when people contact me and it's my it's

basically myself CRM so let's not go

into that right now and then we have my

phone and to do is to do is this my

project management of choice now I know

it asana exists

I know Marsha tasks my sister tasks

exists I know Basecamp exists now I've

consulted and then installed these two

different clients there's a time and

place for specific tools now the one for

me what are the one that works for me is

to do is then you'll probably find most

solopreneurs entrepreneurs small

businesses to do it is perfect because

it's so simple and everyone can actually

use it so anyway again I've pretty much

done everything for the day I've got a I

had a few more tasks than normal

double-o five remote work is the video

that I'm actually shooting today so if I

go into my today yeah I've got to take

the trash out

I got a water that I plants I'm a bit

late with that I'm going to just tick

off shoot video because that's basically

what I'm doing now so if I go to remote

work this is the video that I'm creating

now so create document sorry create

Google document now what I do with every

video is create a document for each

video so now I can click on it and go

directly into the Google

Dr Google Doc that I created for that

and I actually haven't written too much

in there because I prefer to shoot the

video right later so the point is

everything is online and everything is

accessible wherever you are now Google

Docs has an offline feature so even if I

didn't have internet I can basically go

and sorry if I even if I didn't have

internet I can go get my father because

I've told Google Docs that he'll want

certain files to be available

I mean offline so so let's go to my

gmail which is my email again everything

is done I showed you my email workflow

in my last video and it's set up exactly

the same as you can see here it's set up

I can't remove some of these icons and

sections but inbox is pretty much where

I live and I've done I've done it all

actually today and unless an email comes

in I have to deal with and have a look

at my file so I did a video called files

and folders where I showed you where all

my files and folders are whether they're

on my computer or Google Drive and this

is so the desktop is the desktop of my

computer so I have nothing on my going

either to screenshots I've got to deal

with and again documents as you remember

for my files and folders video I don't

have anything in my documents folder and

I'll see my downloads folder they're the

only folders that I use that are on my

computer and if I go to Google Drive

sorry wolf is coming if I go to my

Google Drive you can see that I've

actually changed a few things I had a

private and business wine I actually

just lumped them into one so my private

I've just put into my archive so I won't

go into that so this is exactly the same

as what you saw on my computer so you

know my documents I go to finance and

these are the years this is 2009

so I I have access to everything I need

so the beauty of this is if someone

contacts me and I'm out and about

because I wanted to chill because it's a

beautiful day with I'm going to be in

the park with wolf I have access to all

my files so if a client asks me can I

have that file do you have that file I

can just go to my phone yes and I can

share it email it whatever so I have

access to all my files all my emails all

my project management items I can see

exactly what's going on at any given

time that this is indispensable I mean

you know there's this whole thing about

remote work this is what remote work is

about do what you want and work when you

need not work like a dog and only have

time to do what you want to do when they

give you the time off so the technology

is there you just have to utilize it and

organize it and have a system and a

workflow so that's basically I want to

show you today it's a beautiful day

we've been walking around Amsterdam

cycling around them so now I'm going to

different parks I don't know what part

we're in I should know I come here often

it's in it's in the west of Amsterdam

but we've been walking around the whole

day most of the day I did all the work

this morning and again this is what life

is about enjoy your life don't work too


simplify everything and if you liked

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have a great day and I'll catch you in

the next video have a great weekend see

you later

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