Will doing the opposite of what you’re currently doing work?

If doing the same thing over and over again isn’t giving you the results you need, maybe it’s time to do the complete opposite! In today’s episode, I’ll share a clip from Seinfeld that I’m sure will change the way you think about your life, business and frameworks in general.


changing the way you work can actually

be really beneficial don't take my word

for it there's lots of stuff on the

internet about this and in this video I

want to go through a couple of things in

a small clip to help you understand that

the green of the grass actually is

greener on the other side hi my name is

Kay I'm a tech minimalist anti Mac

junkie and I help my clients organize

their technology so they can free up

their time now this video clip I want to

show you in a moment I've known about

this for a long time it's actually a

Seinfeld clip Seinfeld is like either my

life bible as it were i watch it all the

time anyway and this clip came up on my

feed recently and it got me thinking

about how i work and how my framework is

what my marketing is like what my house

is like what my life is like because

there are some areas in my life and my

business they're just not working let's

be honest it's not always you know rosy

everywhere and people tend to do the

same things constantly and expect a

different result I'm guilty of that I

definitely am guilty of it but this

little video clip I'll show you in a

moment got me really thinking so it's a

listen to this and tell me what you

think if every instinct you have is

wrong then the opposite would have to be

right yes I will do the opposite I used

to sit here and do nothing and regret it

for the rest of the day so now I will do

the opposite do something so that's my


you're doing the same thing over and

over again you're getting annoyed and

frustrated no matter what it is

obviously I'm a tech minimus and I'm


with Max so I'm going to kind of

concentrate on that part my clients come

to me and say this isn't working that's

not working why can't I get on top of my

tasks why is my calendar not going well

because it's always booked why am I

always busy this this notion of being

busy is so foreign to me you can be

booked up but you should never be busy

if that makes any sense I'll make

another video about that so doing what

you're doing right now obviously isn't

working so doing the absolute opposite

doing the complete yeah complete

opposite to what you're actually doing

right now might actually be beneficial

so think about your framework your life

your workflow your business your

marketing see the marketing part for me

I've got to try to make that a little

better figure out these things and see

what has stagnated what isn't going


and try to do the absolute opposite this

got me thinking about as I said my

business and my life in general and

certain things in my life and there's

certain parts of my business that isn't

working and I'm gonna be changing a few

things I'm gonna do the absolute

opposite of what I've been doing and I

think it will work I really do believe

it will work so again going back to your

Mac if you are frustrated with things

that are not working for you try the

opposite do something completely


yesterday I spoke about task managers

and post-it notes people use post-it

notes well the opposite to that is using

a task manager on your computer and it

could be vice versa but I wouldn't

recommend it so do the absolute opposite

and hopefully that will actually help

you out I'm gonna do it

things are coming they're gonna be new

around here and yeah have a great day

hopefully that's helpful have a great

day and I'll see you tomorrow to it

tomorrow's Friday yet I'll see you

tomorrow have a great day

and remember keep it simple ciao bye-bye

Let's stay in touch

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