Why use the cloud and not dedicated servers?

In the past I, and other IT Consultants, installed dedicated servers for businesses, and even freelancers and professionals. However, over the past few years, this has changed. Today, we tend to use the Cloud, and I think it’s a fantastic situation for many reasons. In this episode, I go through the reasons why.


if I told you you should stop using

servers what would you say my name is

Kay I'm a tech minimalist and I help

people like you organize your technology

so you can actually get more done

throughout the day what do I mean about

service in the olden days and the sounds

weird saying it like that a few years

ago I used to install service Mac Mini

servers OS X service sometimes PC

servers all helping people set up these

servers so they can have services for

their businesses so you know a four man

five man team up to twenty-five and

fifty people the most I've had is 53 I

think 53 or 56 people and those servers

make many servers OS X servers I used to

do the email the backups the time

machines obviously backups the file

sharing the VPN the server could

actually do a lot of stuff and it was

great at a time at the time what if I

told you you actually didn't need that

anymore they don't need it anymore so

when it came to upgrades their servers

and so on I used to put them into the

cloud and that's the whole point of this

video today or this episode if you're

watching if you're listening to on the

podcast back then the only way to

properly share and it didn't cost as

much was to actually have a server in

the past few days years sorry days in

the past few days we've noticed a shift

from old-style old-school servers to

online services now those online

services I didn't trust back then

because of the security because of I

didn't know who was looking at it it

felt icky that had my data and my

clients data in the cloud and so on fast

forward to today nowadays cloud services

have to adhere to particular security

and gdpr and so on so reading the white

papers and reading the background to

these companies depending on the company

I do trust them now with my information

there are some I don't Dropbox I do not

trust Google

I don't trust G suite I do trust and I

did make an episode about that I'm gonna

refresh that because some things have

changed about G swinging Google Apps

that they're the same apps but one is

free and one is paid and they are

actually completely different anyway

that's another topic so moving your data

to the cloud can actually help you

organize better that's why we're here

take communalism and what i mean by that

okay here's a scenario if you have your

computer and you had your files on it

you lost it it broke you need to get

another computer what used to happen is

that you have to make sure everything is

backed up all your contacts calendar

email everything backed up get a new

machine set it up and put you know

transfer all that data again wouldn't it

be easier that you got in your machine

signed in once and everything is there

all your contacts or your calendar items

all your email all your documents or

your fight I mean everything even the

backup because it's done on online is

all there one login possibly two but

basically one login that's it that's a

fantastic idea once I got my head around

that about two years ago I would say

about two years ago I kind of went

all-in in the cloud now if my machine

got broken or stolen or I want on a

holiday and I need to get some

information pretend I didn't have my

phone I could go to pretty much any

computer login securely and get all my

information and have all my information


so that the the change between Hardware

servers and cloud servers you're doing

the same thing but it's much more

convenient believe it or not it's

actually cheaper now you know I still

install servers that cost like two and a

half three thousand euros that's just

the server itself that's not including

the hard drives the backups hiring me to

install it hiring me if something went

wrong hiring me if you know the email

stopped working it's a lot of work and a

lot of money so moving over to the cloud

I don't have to worry about my emails

not working I know exactly where my

files are you know I know we're all like

everything is synced on my phone on my

iPad on my computer I can go to a

friend's house and login and I've got

all my information so the cost people

bring cost into it and I will do a full

video about cost you could be paying

thousands for the server and

infrastructure and everything for your

business all for yourself

actually installed service just for like

one person which at the time again it

was the best thing and I've yet I've

since moved them over and they're really

happy about it because they don't have

all this other stuff they don't need

I've done it several times now they can

log in anywhere cost I'll touch on it

very briefly a lot of people say to me

oh I need to buy this in this 10 euros I

need to buy this as 20 euros I need to

buy this it's another 50 euros whatever

the cost is my point is those costs are

for your business you're gonna

definitely recoup that you paid 5,000

euros for the server the cost that

you're spending per month is way less

than the server is going to cost you for

that year so you could use the online

services for probably like five years

for way less

then what the server in the upkeep and

everything would cost you my job has

been trying to convince people that the

cloud is safe not necessarily about the

finance side of it but the cloud is

actually safe so my dog is coming up the

stairs hey wolf good boy so my job is

actually trying to convince them about

the security and the privacy part of the

data more so than cost but some people

have been talking talked about Costco I

paid Netflix and I pay Spotify and I

paid this and that per month

it's another cost let's talk about

Spotify very quickly in the olden days I

used to go and spend like I don't know

buy a CD maybe once a week or maybe even

three times a week and CDs were like 12

pounds 12 euro see now I'm spending 10

euros for the month and I'm getting as

many as I want now granted there are

some things that are not there if you're

specific to me but my point is it is

cheaper so spending money per month

you've got to decide whether that app is

actually worth it to you how much time

is it saving you I'm paying there's an

app I'm paying 50 50 euros that does my

automation per month the amount of time

that it saves me is it is way more than

the amount of money I'm actually paying

for that one just one service so it does

make sense think about it in a different

way not oh my god this is costing but

how much time is it saving me if you

think about it that way it's much better

anyway so going over from hardware

service to cloud services is better

overall it's cheaper it's more secure I

mean think about it there there's a

there's a company dealing with security

rather than one person dealing with

security of your data and that's all

your data whether it's email you

documents or whatever on the server and

different services for the different

parts of that data so they they spend

millions on security you're just

spending on a guy like me to help your

security no not saying that these guys

are bad I mean I did a really good job

and I yet to hear about anyone being

hacked or lost or whatever but if the

the the fact that we're you know the the

world is going digital with everything

you've got to be way more aware of

specific things so anyway that's it for

this episode I hope that helps you out

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episode I'll see you tomorrow and as

always keep it simple see in the next


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