Why the need for complications?

Have you ever found that people overcomplicate things and can't figure out what they're saying? Yeah! Tell me about it! Why complicate it when the most simple, easiest and straightforward way is the path that will get you the most out of what you need?


is chemic junkie a tech minimalist and

welcome to the dojo now today's topic is

actually about complicating things you

know my job is to go out and find the

right solutions for my clients right now

I'm working with a client at the moment

so I just wolf going down the stairs

right now I'm looking for a solution for

a while for a client of mine and every

time I see a blog post an article a

video anything to do with this specific

tool it's just so damn complicated I

don't understand why people are

complicated so if if you're making a

video you've got to make it quite easy

for people to understand how things work

I don't want to see your workflow it

doesn't interest me actually people kind

of want to see workflows but they're

really interested in how the tool

actually works the workflow is something

you have to come up with using someone

else's workflow doesn't work for you

wouldn't work for you because you have

your own workflow

I just want to know how the Tool Works

so anyway and that got me frustrated and

annoyed why these people are for this

specific tool anyway but but I digress

it's actually to do with everything else

in your life stop overcomplicating a ton

of stuff yesterday I was on a zoom call

with someone in my in a slight group

that I'm in and we were talking about

how I record my videos and now I've seen

people on on YouTube making data bases

and notion this and asana that

and Trello the other and I'm like dude

all you need is a list of stuff to do so

I've gone from me you know when I

started making videos it took me three

days to make one video and I was

releasing them every month now they

weren't complicated videos how can I

simplify this stuff

overcomplicating so I've gone through

different iterations of my system for

making videos I have one text file

everything in it so from the point of

idea to getting it out on social media

and posting on my website I've got it

down from about three days to about 45

minutes I mean that's insane why because

I don't over complicate things so that

means I have the rest of the time those

three the amount of time I spent in

those three days it's not obviously for

three days on other things that I want

to enjoy so I stopped complicating my

system so I have a text file I have it

all populated I fill out what I need to

do if you're interested let me know send

it to you basically actually you know

what I'm gonna put it in the dojo so if

you are part of the dojo make junkie.com

four slash dojo you'll get this file for

free so yeah I put that in the dojo if

you remember you'll get it so again one

file I don't need a database what's the

database for imaginal II using Apple

notes for it so I have access to on my

phone and everywhere else let me just

get to that document and this this is

the document you can't see that actually

well that's it you can't see that anyway

I post it up for you um so the point is

not to over complicate things

I could probably automate a lot of this

thing in this process and I talked about

automation a while back I'm going to

make another video about it

automation is great for the small

mundane tasks what I don't automatically

think I don't know where the data is

again over complication I know where it

is and I know what to do next

I hate that I want to be in control so I

oughta make the mundane stuff

but the bigger stuff that I I want to do

because I want to know where the data is

I will do it manually again less

complications less problems anyway that

being said have a great day as I said go

to the dojo make junkie.com for slash

dojo I'll put a text file there with my

workflow I'll see you tomorrow

and don't forget keep it simple okay

take care ciao bye bye


Hi, I'm Kia

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