Why I’m no longer using Todoist

There was a question regarding my last video about using the right tool for the right job and why I don’t use Todoist anymore. So let me expand and explain the reasons in this video.

Using the right tool for the right job also means using the right tool for the way you work, how your workflow is set up and the best way to work on projects with your clients.


so hello in yesterday's video I talked

about using the right tool for the right

job and today I want to kind of expand

on that a little with my own personal

workflow the reason is because someone

on Twitter actually asked me she was

just one worth question he just

basically wrote Twitter question mark oh

sorry to duyst question mark and I

haven't replied to him yet maybe you

should watch this video instead and I'm

guessing he's asking that question

because I've been making a lot of videos

and talking about todoist quite a lot

and to do it is a fantastic app it's an

amazing app you can do a user for so

many different things but again the

whole point of using the right tool for

the right job I mean something that

basically works for you so for me to do

it was fantastic and it works for all my

projects it works for all my to-do items

it worked for personal and business

to-do items business and work and

clients and projects and basically

everything but now that I've moved over

to Basecamp

I don't need to do it to do my project

in so if I don't need to do it for my

projects I don't really need it to do my

personal to Do's

because Apple have got one built in

called reminders so the whole point of

me not wanting to make anything

complicated was the reason why I moved

to reminders because reminders is was so

simple it's on your phone as well and I

know you can do this in two duis and I

know you can use different methods I

call them hacks they're not hacks per se

but different methods to talk to Siri

and put a to-do item in your to-do list

you can do that and it works

fantastically but again why complicate

things when there's one

already built into the Mac so you know

hey Siri remind me to do this haste oh

he's just woken up um that's not what I


well anyway because I didn't really say

anything anyway so I can just talk to my

phone and say do this and it does it and

it puts it into my reminders app and

because I'm using fantastical I see it

very simply in my agenda as well as the

stuff that's in my base camp so base

camp I use for my project and everything

else basically to do with my business

and so on I use it to check out my

prospects my sales pipeline and things

like that I just basically do it all

within Basecamp

I will be doing more videos on Basecamp

to show you more about that my agenda is

kind of like an overview of everything

I'm doing and that's basically all I

need to run my business obviously I use

other tools in the background and stuff

but so the idea of using the right tool

for the right app why I'm not using


it's not because todoist isn't a great

app it's a fantastic app and if you

don't need all the features of Basecamp

to do this will do the job for you

because I've used it for many many many

months maybe even a year or so to do it

to do my projects but because of

Basecamp and how it works and how I can

communicate with my clients much better

how I can do my work much better how I

can collate all the files for the

project much better I just found it was

better for me to use Basecamp

and a few of my clients are actually

using it as well so again it's not

because it's got more bells and whistles

or not because todoist isn't as good as

bass count or well it's nothing to do

with that it's that using the right

tools for the right job also means using

the right tools that work for your

workflow that

better for your workflow anyway that's

the rent

I'm staying warm with drinking tea have

a great day hope you enjoyed that and if

you have any questions please do put

them down in the comments below send me

a message through my website which is

MEC junkie comm use the right tool right

tools keep their kit use the right tool

for the use of right tool that's it

right anyway have a great day

that was a messed up ending have a great

day keep it simple and I see you

tomorrow ciao bye bye

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