Why black & white? It’s all about simplicity

To do things quickly, efficiently and well, I like to do things simply. Recently I was asked why I make my videos in Black and White, so I thought I’d respond in the best way I know how by making a video explaining it all.


so I was asked recently actually a few

times why I'm making these videos in

black and white and not color well there

are several reasons for that how can I

go about this without sounding so stupid

okay it's all about simplicity about my

website it's actually about my

rebranding and I thought black and white

looked good on my website and how the

color video just looked a bit weird but

that wasn't the main issue the main

issue for me was I wanted to simplify

the recording of my videos because

obviously I make these videos every day

and I wanted to make them quickly and

simplify it and knowing me I wanted to

truncate everything in this process and

when I was doing a color videos I was

obviously doing a lot of grading but I

couldn't get the color right and it was

just irritating them Jesus out on me so

what I decided to do is like hey you

know my website the new branding the

website is black and white why don't I

make the videos black and white now I

did play with it for a little while just

to get the color the black and white

contrast right so I made them black and

white it wasn't because it's arty-farty

or anything like that the bits to do

with the branding and but mainly to do

with me making sure the coloring was

correct and instead of having to learn a

bunch of new stuff I thought I deal with

black and white and you know I'm often

told that I'm a yes you know like a full

in a full out person they don't have a

gray area black and white I Oh

in and out I'm very simplistic in that

way and what am I talking about this

the whole point is simplicity to make

everything you do this is what I do to

make everything you do as simple as

possible without going overboard without

making it look crap I mean I'm hoping

that this stuff looks good looking at it

my heads got cut off but I'm kind of

close to the camera so making sure

everything looks good and making sure

that the you know the output is actually

good that what you're selling what

you're doing is good but simplifying

every part of it and that's why I make

these videos in black on white again

it's all about simplicity and making

everything as simple as possible and

again also in color you saw a lot of my

I saw a lot of my spots and blemishes

and stuff let's put it that way and I

just thought it looked a bit weird so

again that was another point the reason

why I chose black/white it's all about

simplicity it's all about simplicity

simplifying everything with you know

obviously this this you know why talk

about technology and stuff so it changed

my technology to make it as easy as

possible to do what I need to do and

making sure that the output was just as

good as it would be if not better I

think anyway it's a weird with video

today and weird episode for you but

that's the reason why I'm making

black/white have a great day as always

keep it simple maybe doing black/white

and I see you tomorrow later bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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