What's the #NoCode movement and how can it help you?

Doing things simply and efficiently is pretty much intertwined with anything I do. Finding shortcuts, tips and tools to help me accomplish my tasks quickly is like Christmas!

The #NoCode movement is something that’s been going on for a while now. It’s a simple way to build software (and other digital things) without writing code.

So as I like to minimise my workflow, I also wanted a way to simplify how my website was built & maintained.

Then I found Webflow, and now I can build my site visually and also never have issues with hacks, slow pages and not worry that it’ll look crap.

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would it be great to be able to create

something without working too hard I

know it sounds impossible but let me

explain my name is Kay I'm a tech

minimalist and I help people like you

organize your technology so you can free

up your time so what what do I mean

about creating something with not enough

work so there's this whole movement

called no code and no code from what I

understand because I kind of stumbled

across it accidentally recently is a

kind of a movement mainly on Twitter I

guess it's kind of a movement where

developers and programmers and can

create things without coding like in the

old days in the past I keep saying old

days but in the past I used to be able

to create websites by coding like that's

what we do we use s CSS CSS SQL and so

on and so forth for databases HTML it's

getting a bit geeky but we used to be

able to hand code your websites on web

pages and a company came along called

web flow there's a link in the down

below in the show notes about with how

you can create a website visually

without using code now with web flow and

a lot of these no code tools you still

need to know the coding part of it

because you need to understand the

fundamentals of how the tool works or

how the technology works I should say

and the tool is there to help you work

on it visually basically so the no code

movement is basically moving towards

that kind of tool those kind of pieces

of software and things like that what

the reason I'm making an episode about

this and what kind of intrigued me about

it is that the no code movement isn't

too dissimilar to tech minimalism and

digital minimalism and and organizing

your technology there are things like

zapier that help automate your things

there's G suite that can help you with

your documents there is iCloud obviously

for helping organizing your

file so you don't have to worry about

hard drives and so on so it's kind of

eliminating a lot of the grunt work for

what you need to do and where you need

to be so the whole point of it is to try

to find simplified ways to get the most

complex thing done that's why I like

simplicity because I I don't want to be

inundated with annoyances and bugs and

so on on my website for instance I give

all of that to a company that knows more

about it and I just build it visually so

with my computer and my the running of

my business I don't want to deal with

service I don't want to deal with any

kind of manual data input so I use API I

don't want to be involved with all my

email server doesn't work that's why I

put my email into G suite and so there's

so many pros to having a SAS company so

this company to help you to run your

business so effectively I call it no

code I don't want to deal with the

coding part of it I just need to work

and be able to help my clients anyway

that's the episode today I hope that

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sending out on Sunday have a great day

and I'll see you in the next episode

which will be tomorrow see you then ciao

bye bye Oh

keep it simple Thank You forgeting see

you later bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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