What's on my iPhone

Yep, my iPhone and the apps I use on it are just as simple as everything else I do. How simple? Well, this video explains how and what apps I use to make my life easier. How many apps do you have on your iPhone?


so in today's video I wanted to talk

about my phone my iPhone and why do I

want to talk about my iPhone well just

like my computer it's a really important

tool for me I use it pretty much all day

it's with me all the time and all the

information that I need is either in my

phone or on my computer so obviously if

I'm out and about walking wolf and so on

obviously I don't carry my computer

right but I do have my phone with me at

all times so on my phone it's almost an

exact copy of everything that's on my

computer so all my files all my

documents my project management tool

notes everything is due to the fact that

it's in the cloud I can use any device

to log on but obviously I have an iPhone

in the computer so if we go over to my

iPhone now you'll notice other than this

is actually my home screen yes that's a

Tesla that I've ordered but I have

nothing on my home screen absolutely

nothing and and the reason for that is

that I part from the fact that I wanted

to see this car but is that when I open

my phone I don't want to be inundated

with notifications so I don't want to

see anything other than the main things

which is your a phone call which is the

middle one taking notes and obviously my

project management or my coaching tool I

use Basecamp so if I swipe to the left

yeah on the here these are actually all

my apps and if you notice my apps I have

a lot of space free and that's again

mainly because I don't want to that

there aren't that many tools that I use

for my business I mean even under the

social tab you have my xbox but I have

nothing else anything no nothing I don't

have Facebook I don't use Facebook I

don't use Instagram

I don't put Twitter on my phone I don't

put anything on my phone that can

distract me because again

you know when you're in a meeting you

generally take your phone you have your

phone with you don't take it with you

you have it with you and you don't want

to be checking your phone all the time

and if you have social media on your

phone you generally check it so and then

my social tab I have nothing I have my

Xbox stuff but I never really check it

unless I'm actually playing xbox so I

don't know why it's there but so sure

yeah I mean that's the only reason and

obviously in LinkedIn because that's how

I get a lot of business and how I like

to connect with people but that's it

finance kind of obvious things business

certain tools I use now I do use slack

for certain groups I use it more like a

forum there are groups that I am I don't

use it for work at all I mean I think

it's stupid to you select for work but

but I do use it for yeah like a forum

and certain apps that I use for their

support and beta testing and stuff and

Apple is basically everything pertaining

to Apple but I don't really use any of

them apart from reminders which I do

obviously use now what's on this page

the main things that I use are obviously

the the phone I'm not going to click

into some of these because there's

obviously personal information but I

just wanted to kind of go through and

figure out and let you know what's going

on messages is obviously messages I

don't use what's up due to security and

stuff for a while I used wire and wire

is a fantastic tool for businesses and

teams and obviously for personal for

personal is free for business teams it's

like five euros per person it's kind of

like a slack alternative but it's really

secure and it's a great app actually so

if your company is using what's up to

communicate even if it's just like can

you get me a sandwich at the shops

because you're down there type thing

stop using it because the security of

what's up is just it's [ __ ] insane to

be honest

people are using it anyway so wire is

actually a great app in fact I still

have it here here this is wire bottom

left so I don't use any of those kind of

communication tools and we're going to

get to the reason why in a moment the

reason why I don't in a moment or see

gmail Jesus who is my email app

fantastical now obviously I'm still

using G suite but in fantastical is my

yeah appointments basically use that

because I it's it's better than than

Google Calendar things is you know I

love things and I really want to use it

and I do use it for certain things as my

to-do list but I think it's kind of it's

it's not complicated but it's too

complicated for what I need I just want

to talk to Siri and say hey Siri can you

please take this out of the the drinks

out of the freezer that's perfect for

reminders and I started using things

because I can invoke a key command on my

Mac so I can put stuff in really quickly

so that's why I use things and not

reminders on my on my Mac and I moved

away from to do this not because it's

not a great app it is an absolutely an

amazing app a reason why I moved them

from it was because I was using it for

my projects for for work and it's I

think it's too complicated just as a

to-do app if that makes any sense it's a

fantastic to-do app I mean all these to

do apps are really good so you just need

to find the one that with the features

that you like and I like all of them so

my job is to find the right tool for you

so I need to know all of them so don't

do as I do do as I say meaning I move

tools because I want to learn the best

tool for the client I'm working on at

the moment and because the way I work I

can move tools because there's not that

much information I put

in things like reminders other than take

out the bin or walk dog or whatever it

is just simple things like that notes

obviously now notes is a thing there's

so many people who use notion there's so

many people that use Evernote Apple

notes Google keep is actually a really

good one because you're using g-suit

which I am but Apple note I keep coming

back to Apple notes because I've had

I've have hundreds of notes there's not

thousands of notes in Apple notes and

it's it it just works I mean it syncs

with iCloud it just works and so you

know what I thought let's go back to

that again the notes that I use are more

like sticky notes they're not I don't

use it for like holding a lot of

information like for clients and stuff

they have their own folder and I put

notes in there in that folder notes for

myself for person notes yeah I put it

into Apple notes but there's not too

much stuff in there now we get to the

one that I really wanted to talk about

was Basecamp now I known about basically

it for a long time I've only just

recently started using it properly I was

going to say professionally but

improperly and ever since I've used it

with with my clients now I used to use

twist which is by a company called duyst

who make to-do lists so they have twists

and todoist

and twist is the communication at all

and the todoist is obviously the project

management thing that I was you know app

that I was using now and it was annoying

using two apps but ever since I moved

away from todoist in my other apps

because I was using asana and stuff as

well and because I do have a couple of

clients using a sinusite obviously

helped them out but for me personally I

wanted something that I can communicate

with my clients really simply and after

using all these tools I went and tried

Basecamp three again

this is actually pretty good so Basecamp

personal wiki so all my notes for my

business or everything to do with my

business I put in there

when I'm coaching or when I'm working

with a client they get access to their

base camp their project so they can see

everything that I see or I see

everything that they see and so we can

actually communicate within this app now

I can't tell you how easy it's been to

work with clients with Basecamp it's

it's made my life so much easier and

simpler I wish I used it before now

Basecamp but it's not cheap but it's

well worth the money but they're doing a

free version at the moment so I would

suggest if you want to try out go and

get the free version you get like three

or four projects to work with the one

thing that you don't get with it with

with the free one is the ability to work

with clients you can't bring external

people and as it were you can bring them

in but they'll see everything so unlike

the paid version of Basecamp you could

actually choose what the client sees or

not and I'll see this notes and stuff in

there sounds weird that I don't want the

clients to see obviously so so when I

work with my clients I give them access

to their project in Basecamp and it's it

actually works really really well now if

you guys are interested if anyone is

interested in knowing more about

Basecamp let me know book a call or just

send me an email or write message down


and maybe I can make a better video for

you but anyway that is it there isn't

oh yeah monthly pay work so this is my

phone there's this really it's really

simple I there's no point having I've

said I've seen people without I mean if

you look I have folders right

within sorry folders of certain groups

basically and I've seen people that

don't really have folders or they have

folders just just like their email with

like one or two emails in their folders

so I've seen people like one or two acts

in a folder which is obviously okay but

it has hundreds of pages I have three

pages actually two pages in fact one

page which is this one it's the only one

I have so again the whole point is to

keep it simple

there's no point complicating your whole

workflow your phone your computer I've

made a video of how i do my computer i

will do another one because it has to

change slightly but the basics of it is

to just keep it as simple as possible so

you're focusing on what you need to do

anyway that's the video today hope you

have a great day if you have any

questions leave them below send me a

message or book a call and I'll be able

to help you out anyway have a great day

talk to you later jack

Hi, I'm Kia

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