What not to do when choosing the right tools

There’s always a moment of weakness, a voice in the back of your mind saying; ‘go on do it!’ However, no matter how outrageous the thought is, you will probably go with the flow, only to realise it was the wrong thing to do. But hopefully, you did learn from the ordeal. Right?


the tool you're using is probably not

the best tool for you hi my name is Kay

I'm a tech minimalist and I help people

organize their technology so they can

free up their time in today's episode I

want to talk about the right tool and

I'm gonna go into a story here very

recent story actually so I've been

making these videos for a while now I've

got a camera microphone etc etc

everything works well however I felt the

need to better the audio don't know why

because I think it sounds good enough

it's good being a sound guy who really

wanted to make it sound good so what I

did I did a lot of research and figured

out you know what I'm gonna get a

microphone now if you're listening to

this on the podcast you'll probably not

see this but I'm just swinging over a

microphone for people who are listening

I bought this microphone it's a great

microphone it's for podcasting and so on

and it looks great however it's taking

up a lot of the frame I mean you can see

taking up a lot of frame in in in the

video and obviously this cable missing

as well I took it out not only that this

is two pieces right so you've got the

the arm and obviously the microphone

this is just the two pieces it obviously

the cable I also realized I needed a

recorder because this won't go directly

into my camera so now I've got three

pieces four pieces including camera

other cable this to me overcomplicated

the simple thing that I wanted to do I'm

going to move the move out of the way

now now it's it's a great that there are

pros and cons for that but I found that

the pros sorry all the cons outweigh the

pros for that so going back to what I

was saying about

I thought that getting another tool to

do what I needed to do would make it

easier in fact overcomplicated it and

the whole point of this episode is to is

to make you understand that sometimes

you need to overcomplicate to understand

what simplifying actually means because

a lot of people try to get this tool get

the other tool get so many tools and

then they get inundated and completely

confused as to what they actually wanted

to do in the first place and it makes

them mad and they forget about it and

they don't use it and they keep paying

for the software sometimes I hear this

all the time and but what they

originally had wasn't working as well as

they wanted so that's why were they were

getting all these tools but they're

getting complete completely confused and

I fell into that trap recently with this

microphone and the digital recorder and

everything I just showed you so again

the point is to simplify everything not

to complicate everything

complicating everything just to causes

more headaches than it it kind of needs

to anyway that's my story in fact I got

this that I got this in this morning the

mic I already had but the arm and so on

it I just got it this morning as I

thought it would be better that's gonna

go back into the post back to them

anyway that's the episode I hope you're

having a great Monday keep it simple and

I'll see you tomorrow ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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