Using a calendar vs a task manager

I’ve started seeing a ton of videos online about using a calendar and ditching your task manager by so-called productivity gurus, and it’s annoying the hell out of me. So I thought I’d respond with what I think is wrong with that so-called great idea!


so what's the difference between a to-do

list a task manager and a calendar why

don't I just use a calendar a few people

have actually asked me that and in this

episode I'm going to go through the

reasons that they are different and they

should be used in two completely

different situations hi my name is Kay

I'm a tech minimalist and a mic junkie

and I help my clients organize their

technology so they can free up their

time now I got a few messages recently

after doing my TAS liske task list

manager videos especially with my things

three as to why I don't use a calendar

well obviously I do use a calendar now

there are people and there are occasions

but there are people that need to use a

calendar that they use a calendar as

their to-do now I don't think that's a

good idea

I really don't because they are two

fundamentally different things you'll

see a bunch of videos with productivity

guys and stuff saying you know user user

a calendar and not a task list there are

other people saying use a calendar not

task list because task lists weren't get

anything done and I don't believe that

they are really thinking about this as

well as they should now there are pros

and cons for using a task manager the

pros is everything is going to be better

I can't explain any more than that is

this the easiest way and the cons are if

basically you have to put the work in to

actually get it out but the work is like

this and what you're going to get out of

it is is way off the chance so a

calendar is basically used for time

sensitive things that have to be done of

that specific time right yeah I guess

that's that's basically what it is I

have a meeting so I put in my calendar I

won't put in my to-do list

that's silly if I have to take my car

car to the garage I will put it into my

calendar because the appointment has

been made and again it's a meeting is an

appointment now if

I need to take my car to a garage and I

need to remind myself to book an

appointment I'm not gonna put that into

the calendar that's going to go into my

task list I will date it however and

I'll probably put a debt deadline to it

saying I have to do it by this time and

I will date it and time it as to when I

should be reminded to make that

appointment but once the appointment has

made once the meeting is made it goes

into your calendar now

well these guys on YouTube don't seem to

understand is that the task list has so

many features to it more than the

calendar has for instance you can that

doesn't have an inbox I mean it just

doesn't right so if you have something

on your mind that you need to put

something out where you're going to put

it in your notes where you're going to

put it on an empty day where you going

to put it in the weekend I mean it's

stupid to think that you can use your

calendar is your to-do list

it is insanity to think that in fact I'm

getting more annoyed about it every time

I think about it now a task manager has

specific areas now there are different

task managers and they work differently

but the framework is the same you gather

your thoughts gather your ideas put them

in you review them at a certain time put

them in the right place date them and

that's it I mean it's it's not rocket

science to think that the task manager

is worse than Kalin I mean they're

completely different things you need to

use both as I said earlier you need to

use both but don't drink the kool-aid

to think about that thinking your

calendar is your to-do list or you

should use your candidates a to-do list

is the most insane and stupid thing that

anyone could peddle right now on the

internet with these productivity gurus

on every note is I don't call myself a

Productivity guy anyway

it's a Trent video isn't it so anyway

there are reasons to use a calendar

obviously and there are reasons to use a

task manager over your calendar and

depending on what you need to do anyway

that's the video today hope

that makes sense if you have any

questions please leave them below or go

to my website make and leave

me a message and yeah tomorrow is Friday

so I'll see you tomorrow

and as always keep it simple okay ciao

bye bye

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