Trust your workflow, not the app!

I’m always talking about trusting and creating the right process, the proper workflow, the right system and stop fighting to show-horn working with an app that should not and will not work for what you need it to do.

Well, today was a day where I had a ‘discussion’ with a new developer looking for feedback regarding a new app they want to create. In this episode, I give you details of what happened.


I talk for days and days about finding

the right system and not at all

the problem is people and companies is

trying trying to solve a problem by

creating yet another tool and it's

pointless hi my name is Kay I'm a tech

minimalist and I help my clients

organize their technology to free up

their time there was a conversation


sorry nor even a conversation there was

a post in a group on LinkedIn and they

were asking for feedback from coaches as

to how they work because they're

thinking of creating a new app to help

coaches fantastic my ears pricked up

because it's another tool that I need to

know about and I would love to give some

feedback on it so I looked through the

forum it made sense and surveys are

always good for everybody actually but

it got me thinking this is kind of an

area that I'm working in I help people

find the right tools for what they need

some conversation started I posted and I

said I basically said I think you're

tackling this the wrong way

we don't need another tool what we need

is for people companies developers to

understand the process the process is

way more important than the tool and I

keep banging on about this it's the

workflow it's the process it's it's the

arc it's that it's what you do that's

way more important than finding that

shiny tool I've used a ton of tools

because I am Who I am I love working

with these things and I want to know

what these tools do so I can give the

right tool for to the right client for

their workflow so I know pretty much all

of them there are specific apps and tour

services I don't use because it's not my

forte it's not my niche I

know anything about estate agents real

estate agents I don't know anything

about finance people or specific tools

for lawyers this isn't my area my area

is solopreneurs people who work for

themselves professionals and home users

who got a side hustle and they need to

so basically is solopreneurs and kind of

small businesses so generic small

businesses so the point is I don't know

every single tool but I know pretty much

all the tools that you would need to run

your business now if someone said to me

listen your computer guy that you got to

carry on working because of the process

that I've created for myself I could run

my business on a notes app pretty much

any Notes app and there are times that I

did because I got annoyed with all these

tools so I can run my business with my

email my calendar my contacts obviously

and a Notes app I don't need a project

management tool I don't need a to-do

list I don't need remind I don't just a

plain ordinary stock notes app that

comes with the Apple I can run my

business on that if that's not because

the Notes app is a great app to run a

business it isn't and just trying to

prove a point here is the fact that my

process the process that I have created

for myself works for me because it's the

process not the tool so someone banging

on about I don't know what's going on

and I'm like this conversation went

[ __ ] heywhy to be honest and they I

don't get it if you're asking for


don't cherry-pick the good feedback that

you want you want feedback take all the

feedback constructive criticism actual

feedback from people don't cherry-pick

it's stupid anyway this comments say it

was only like three or four posts but

again the point is the process matters

not the tool I can't say this enough

I've done this for far too long and

known so many different kinds of people

that just don't understand it's the

process and not the tour the tours are

not going to help you here's the thing

so I watch a lot of van life stuff on

YouTube and stuff it just interests me

and they bang on about you know running

you know getting a van and running to a

sunny country and living out of a van is

not you're not running away from your

problems you still have the same

problems you're just in a different

place having a fantastic tool like a

fantastic van you think it's gonna make

your life easier you're gonna be living

your life much nice in a sunnier climate

it's not the same as actually fixing

your problems ie

fixing your workflows once you fix your

workflows once you fix your problems you

can go anywhere you want without the

baggage without the annoyances without

the distractions and so on man it just

annoyed me that this person wasn't

actually listening I hope that makes

sense to you and this was kind of a rent

video episode I could start calling

these episodes rather than videos I'm

trying to but anyway today's Thursday

have a great day hope you're having a

great day today I'm gonna go and Zen out

rub my earlobes chill have a great day

as always keep it simple and I'll see

you in the next episode ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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