Too much choice can be a burden

The amount of times I’ve seen a client with a bunch of duplicated apps is insane. There is way too much choice to think clearly about what needs to be done. So wouldn’t it be best to minimise your apps to be more focused?

Here’s the Ted Talk about Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz


paradox of choice now I there was a

video on YouTube by I wanted a couple of

years ago but it's been there for like

can actually have a lot watch of it and

let me know what you think paradox of

choice is literally just that the guy

who was actually on stage it was a TED

talk he was talking about when he was

younger there were like one or two pairs

of jeans he'll go into a store pick up a

pair of jeans put it on go home and he

was happy now when he goes to a shop he

finds that there are so many different

types of jeans he'll get annoyed by

putting you know a few on he'll pay for

it go home but as he's going home he's

thinking of how did I make the right

choice because there was so much choice

and this is the whole point choice is

great don't get me wrong I'm not a

communist or anything

however being sometimes being told this

is all you need or not having too much

choice is actually a good thing have you

ever been into a website been to a

website and you found that there's bunch

of stuff every buttons everyone you

don't know what to do there's too much

choice so generally you just close the

window and go to another website to make

sure it's simple and you basically

understand it now Amazon however well

they're doing it's a it's a [ __ ] website

I mean there's just too much choice

everywhere too many buttons and but it

works for some bizarre reason but so

there are exceptions but the point that

I'm trying to make with your technology

because that's what the channel is about

what I talk about is that a lot of

people have so many apps that they just

don't use I came across a person's

computer a couple of days ago yeah two

days ago he an in the dock he had like

four different Notes app and it made no

sense and I've seen you know loads of

different to-do list managers using

pages as well as Google Docs and also

Microsoft Office not the same person

different people but so it's like why do

you need all of these things you just

don't need

all this choice to get your work done

because picking one and working on it

and knowing that you have a choice on

the with another Apple with another

thing you don't know whether you did it

right so you kind of bounce between it

just stop doing that kind of figure out

the easiest way to get your work done

without too much choice in your

technology again paradox of choice is

that you don't know where to go when you

want to start working so basically think

about that I mean if you have your car

breaks down you go to a garage you just

you don't want to know how it's fixed

you just say please get it fixed because

I need to go and see someone I need to

go somewhere with my car they'll get it

fixed you get in the money and you're


drive away fantastic same thing with

anything in your house washing machine

breaks or there's a leak in your house

you just want a course someone to come

in and get it done and be done with it

and that's the point to make sure that

it's all done done for you or you can do

it yourself so you don't have that kind

of hurdle of choice basically when you

want to get your work done anyway that's

the episode today I hope you're having a

great day hopefully this lock down I

will call it a lock down that's

basically what it is isn't treating you

too badly stay safe as always keep it

simple and I'll see you tomorrow ciao


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