Todoist, why I use it and why I stopped using Pipedrive & Asana

Today I had a great conversation with a friend about his workflow and how and what apps I use for the running of my business.

I’ve helped him set up his system and love geeking out with him about all this stuff! This is an excerpt of the full conversation where I talk about Todoist and why I keep going back after using other tools like Pipedrive & Asana etc.

The conversation was done with Zoom, so the quality isn't as good as my 4K camera, but the content is pure gold.


yes oh you saw Mike todoist video watch

the todoist video definitely watch it

and it makes then it all makes sense

because I actually haven't changed

anything the point isn't the tools the

point is the system yeah if you have the

right system you can hop between tools

pure and simple I need to know the tools

because I used to choose the tools or

particular clients kind of need to know

the tools so I use all these other tools

and think oh this is great oh this is

great yeah but when you work for your or

yourself whoever that person is you need

to have your own system whether you

steal it from someone else or get ideas

from someone else or whatever once you

have the system you can move that you

can choose a different all my original

was FileMaker I built my own farm maker

everything's fantastic did my invoicing

it did my reports at the end it did

everything but I didn't have the

information at he everywhere so when I

went over to the cloud of like how can I

do stuff one time where I was using

Moore's Apple knows I'm still doing that

for my projects yeah right then again

it's the same but the system is exactly

the same it's just the tool is tiny the

reason why I went to todoist two reasons

one earth 381 it was service really swim

simple to you could use it anywhere yeah

and three I love the company ethos okay

and that was very important for me

that's why I'm pulling away from asana

again is it's like they're doing these

things we're marketing and the bean

counters were winning and the engineers

opening but but the actual clients are

not winning

yeah what they're doing it's insane yeah

his latest one latest it's been going on

for a while so if you go to it if you're

using the free assignment they use it

you can use it for free you have an

upgrade button understandable so you

upgrade to see if you could use the

premium yeah and you go actually premium

isn't good for me so I'll go back to the

free one when you do that you get this

huge then I mean huge yellow banner

saying you should upgrade and when you

ask them can you take this away yeah it

will go away in seven days that's

[ __ ] that's [ __ ] that's the

reason I heard that I learnt about this

yesterday and I was like okay I'm gonna

stop and there was other reasons why so

before where I'm gonna stop now if

you're using premium which you're paying

for 35 euros a month right which is what

I'm doing you still get an upgrade

button to business at a hundred and

twelve euros a month why I'm paying for

why this is the problem I had with with

pipedrive the the forms can build forms

the leader all their little apps that

are client facing have their name on it

so company ethos means kind a lot to me

before I have what I used to do is when

I started a project with a client I

would give them an access to that

project so they can see everything right

so you can see all the tasks they can

see them I'm gonna start doing again I

was doing it it's on that wing and


again it yeah they can see the whole

list only the project not not everything

else it only again the system hasn't

changed just the app has changed what

enjoy I just wanted to throw this out


the system is the same it's not to do

this video if you do anything today

sure oh yeah I'm gonna do that for sure

yeah want to come over for dinner again

one of these days yeah absolutely I'm

waiting for the barbecue invite okay

okay sure all right all right man take

care have a good day care bye-bye

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