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Livestream on November 4, 2019


so are we live

I think we're live yes we're live hi so

my name is Kay from Meg junkie today I

want to talk about to-do lists and

calendars and agendas and things like

that one thing that's really important

in my business is my workflow and how I

communicate with my clients and how I

get work done and how I set my

priorities for the next day so I kind of

treat my business as a client so if a

process isn't working I go out and look

for the right tools or the right methods

to actually make that process better

quicker simpler recently I've been

thinking about changing my process

because I found a few holes that I want

to plug up now as you guys know I use to

do it as my project management tool and

I hate the word project management

because it's such a big word but I use

it to track my clients my work the tasks

I need to do for my work and and any and

everything and then anything in between

however I've had problems with community

communicating with clients with that

tool some people don't want to use

another tool and if they do use another

tool they want it to be quite simple now

these programs that I use which is

todoist and twist actually sanely simple

but there's still a bit of friction and

for some time I've been thinking about

trying to find another tool so I hide

myself to go out and try to find another

tool and try to figure out how I could

simplify first the communication with my

clients if I'm working with a client and

second how I could make my tasks more

transparent for myself not for the

client but for mice

like what do I actually need to do so as

I said I used to do this there's a video

that I made about todoist and how I

usually work is if I make a project for

the client for the project and if I have

a task for that project I put it in

there so I only ever go to the project

when I'm working on that project because

I don't want to be disturbed if I'm

working on something else

however if it's a time sensitive what I

used to do or what I still do is put a

date and a time on that task so in my

inbox or my today view I should say in

my to-do list it would come up to the

top and I would get that done but that

caused the few issues I also did a video

about time blocking sucks and I don't

didn't quite understand the reason why

people would time block in their agenda

and how they get their tasks done now I

thought of another idea of melding the

two because tasks that have date and

times you actually need to put some

effort and time aside to actually do

that task right so if you have a bunch

of stuff in your task list and I

generally don't have any more than 7 to

project it is in my task list so I do

kind of get through them but because of

what I do and how I have been working I

get disrupted via email via phone calls

and so on so what I decided to do is

time block I don't have a screen shot

now and I will do that for another video

but time block in chunks of three hours

so I work eight nine hours a day or that

that's the time I put aside as you work

those out hours so what I'm planning to

do is my first three hours of the day is

to work on client work so I don't want

to be distracted I don't want to be

yeah it distracted by emails or anything

so I don't do emails I don't do anything

I actually get on with the client work

after that I have to set time aside for

all my introductory course so I have a

link on my website where people can book

a call with me and obviously they were

coming in at any time which is great to

a certain degree but it distracts me

from doing it was distracting me and is

distracting me from doing actual client

work so what I decided to do is actually

only have a chunk of my day only for the

introductory calls or nothing else and

again this is an experiment so I'm going

to try this out for like a month or so

and see how it goes

so the third layer would be meetings

when I meet people whether it's via

video or anything now what I don't want

to do is have these built in such a way

that they're rigid so I'm kind of making

right you know I'm testing out so I'm

kind of making it a little flexible for

the afternoons after one o'clock for

that for the telephone calls and so on

meetings where I can move things about

so if someone says listen I really

cannot make it at X time I will say okay

well I have sometimes but that will only

happen after 1 o'clock because you know

that there's this whole thing about

eating the Frog so do the most difficult

task at the beginning of the day so you

don't have to think about it later on so

I work best in the not early morning I'm

not in the morning person but in the for

me early morning to afternoon so between

and I really want to do stuff so I put

that I'm gonna put that time aside for

just client work and and all the other

times for when I'm doing meetings or

phone calls and stuff like that now if I

don't get phone calls or meetings or

whatever that's the fluidity of what I

want to do is that then I can go and

walk my dog or I can go and play xbox or

whatever I want to do so it's not set in

stone but I wanted a kind

a blueprint like a like a like a

framework of how and when I should do

certain things in my day so again you're

you know you you need to do work for

your clients but you also need to make

your business work for you as well so

you need to make sure that your workflow

is working and my workflow is kind of

working but there's room for improvement

and as I said at the beginning no one

likes change and I'm kind of a bit

apprehensive like all my clients

generally are when I work with them but

once the change has happened and have

worked with it for you know a few weeks

they the the mindset changes in y'all

why didn't I do this before so I'm

hoping that's what's gonna happen with

me because I am the client in the in

this case so I've found a new several

new new tool so I'm kind of shifting my

workflow isn't changing the tools are

changing and what I always say is that

if you've got a good workflow your tools

can change and your workflow shouldn't

go away so my workflow isn't gonna

change per se but the tools I use what

you're going to make my workflow better

might change and I will make some videos

about how I'm going to implement this

change later on in another video and how

I communicate with my clients and so on

but a question I have for you guys is do

you use a to-do list do you use a

calendar or an agenda or do you use

post-it notes all across your table and

walls and stuff I've seen that and I

don't know how people do it but it's

just an interesting thought to figure

out how you guys actually do work how do

you work how do you keep track of your

clients how do you keep track of your

tasks and your projects and your emails

would be really good so if you have any

answers to that put them down in a

message in a comments down down below

downstairs or just send me an email if

you go to McJunkin com4 slash contact

there's a forum just send me a quick

message and let me know because I'm

really interested in how people work

because every time I say I go to with a

you know find a new client a new client

works with me they all have different

ways of working and I've never yet found

two people that are the same other than

email some people use their email as

their project management tool with

folders and so on which is just not a

great idea for lots of reasons that I've

made videos about this but I'm

interested in how you do your work so

yeah leave a comment below or send me a

message at McGeorge com4 / contact and

I'd love to know anyway that's the video

today have a great day

keep it simple and I'll talk to you in

the next video see you little chap bye


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